Figures for paper model scales?

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    Pilot Figures 1:33

    Hi, Mindaugas.

    A Paper card pilot figure 1:33 for WWI you find here ( on my Website.
    It's a free download. The pdf-files are scaleable.
    Also a way cross, Hangar tents and more.

    For english explanations click on the UK-flag.


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    Everybody - It's not paper but don't scream at me :roll:
    Take a look at this page
    On the left there is a poor quality photo of the pilot figure in 1/32 scale that comes with the kit. I already bought it and must say that it will look great in the cockpit of a 1/33 plane.
    21st Century Toys have several Mustangs, Me-109s, Zeros, P-47s, Me-262s and one or two P-40s so there is a chance to get crews for our ww2 planes

    Obvious drawback is that they do not offer those figures separately...
    I wrote them with business proposition to correct their error :grin: - will se what comes out of this....
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    1:32 scale is 54 mm in figure terms. There are loads of these available.
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    make an armature out of soft wire--apply Sculptamold, Fimo or other sculpting medium, and use a set of dental picks to carve in details. If you're doing larger figures, aound 1/24, you can even cut clothing patterns from tissue paper and clothe the figures for added realism. Fimo can be rolled thin enough to do the same. Acrylic paints finish them nicely. There was a series of articles in Model Railroader a couple years ago on building large scale (anything 1/32 or larger) figures. I built a few, with good results for my garden railroad. IMHO, they look better than the cold reality of the plastic figures.
  5. shoki2000

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    no pilots in sitting position to add to the plane....
  6. Fishcarver

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    Fear not!
    I plan to get started on that conversion/scratchbuild thread in the next day or two!!
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  8. 1/25 figures are few and far between. Tamiya made a few scale plastic WWII German figs in 1/25th (also available in white metal). 70mm - 75mm figures will also fit the bill for 1/25th dioramas. 1/35, 1/32 and 54mm figures can all be batched together in the same diorama. 1/32 figs will be a tiny bit larger, but hey, we're all not the same size. A 6' man in 1/35 scale would be @ 2.05" tall. In 1/32 scale he'd be @ 2.25" tall. A 5'4" man in 1/32 would appear the same as a 6' tall man in 1/35th, so as you can see, there's no problem in mixing the scales. 54mm figs are @ 2.25" tall, so they'd be fine as well. Military miniatures are very expensive - far more than most card model kits. Two good sources for a wide range of figures can be found at, and Be prepared for severe sticker shock!


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