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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by RaiderCTE, May 17, 2003.

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    I am about ready to start getting some folks working and wondering around on my layout. From what I have been able to find any that are already painted I don't really care for, at least for now. I think I read somewhere that you can boil plastic figures to move their arms and legs if needed. Is that true? Also any preferred figures? I need some guys working carrying/pushing barrells, pallets and some just that look like they are working. You know 5 guys watching 1 guy work. Shamus, I know you have some great pics of some of your dudes doing different stuff and I know you can't buy that. I would love to figure out what it takes to get some guys the way I want them. Tyson, I don't want any guys that would drop a dime on someone. :)
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    As Dr. Quincy once said...

    ..."Welcome to the world of modern forensics"!

    You'll never be able to anticipate by any comments here- what to expect of you endeavours. I say that, knowing that, even if the results are apparent as you hold them in your hand- You are ultimately to blame for the the disfigurement of many plastic people.

    If I were a lawyer (read as liar) I'd suggest you no longer post topics were of the the maming type.

    Perhaps from now on you will will post non-aggressive bills for the masses to read.

    I'd suggest you should be posting images and text regarding the triumph you've had {as many of us have had}- "tickling the plastic" (with a knife and fork!!!!).


    In the best of my Ed Norton, I suggest further-
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    I don't know about boiling and bending, but amputation, and reattachment surgery, combined with a good body putty technique usually works.
    Certain clothing effects can be achieved using aluminum foil, or tissue paper and thinned white glue.

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