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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by MTK, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. MTK

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    Greetings and felicitations fellow modelers. I want to present a free modeling program that can be used to create your own Sci-Fi figures and, or to pose your existing figures. For example, say you have a Star Wars figure you want to make into a card model, but all you have is the T shaped figure with the arms outstreatched. Well, that's no good, is it?
    You want a cool action pose. You want to pose your model in a dynamic way, you want your model to look like it's fighting, or swinging a lightsaber, or shooting a blaster in an action pose.... Right? Well, this is the tool to not only do that, but to create your own figures in cg, from scratch.

    Here's a link to the free program that can help you do all of this. FREE!

    I started playing with Daz 1.0, or something like that a few years ago and was able to make several models with it. Naturally, being a red blooded America male, all of my models were of women.

    I used an earlier version of this program to create a Seven of Nine character model, then imported that character into lightwave to be modified for other purposes.

    See photos below.

    Here's a link to the Basic Features Video..... There are a myriad of other videos dealing with many other subjects to help guide you through working with the program.

    Also note that there are a lot of free plug ins and add-ons available and that from this same site you can link to a free copy of Bryce, which is a great tool for creating backgrounds.

    Let your mind go wild, use this program to express yourself and create your own characters, pose those characters and introduce yourself to 3d, CG and animation.

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  2. MTK

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    Has anyone thought of trying this? I'm going to be playing around in Daz and working on rigging some of the figure models... If anyone need a link to the rigging software let me know.

    I'm taking a few days away from modeling and the forums. I need a break. Take care and Keep on Trekkin! =/\=
  3. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    a new free program for 3d modeling, im in!
  4. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    Glad to see someone stretching their wings and trying new things.:mrgreen:
  5. Ron Caudillo

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    That face on Seven of Nine is SPOT ON!

    Awesome work, as always.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  6. MTK

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    Thanks Ron, I spent more time on her face than anything else. I used two programs to try and get her face right. First I used a morphing plug-in for Daz, then I used a program called Faceshop Pro, however, the FSP looks real good with regard to textures, but gives a kind of generic looking face that doesn't really match the contours of the persons real face. Eventually what I did was use the FSP face to go back to Daz and play with the morphs again, then I used several different screen captures to get the real shape of her face and head and imported the texture. Unfortunately, this was all right before an HD crash, so all I really have left of the orignal model at this point is the untextured .obj that I exported before the crash.
    I may have to revisit this model at another date.
  7. MTK

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    Attached are a couple more photos that show some of the progression of the model and a couple of refs.

    I edited the last photo so that it's not to much for the kiddies and the faint of heart.

    I gave her the hair of the part she played the Nazi-Hirogen episode, the two parter...... Can't remeber the name.....???

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  8. RedStarrise

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    I'm down w/ trying this out. I look forward to seeing what it can do.

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