Fiddlersgreen x-15 now free !

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Triop, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Thanks Triop!

    I remember in the movie "The Right Stuff" seeing the pilot bail out and safely parachute to the ground - which was apparently not the case.


    Here's to the memory of Major Michael J. Adams (USAF), then.​

  3. Many thanks Triop.
    And thanks to FG.

    It's one of my wishplanes.

    Gr, Arie aka Modelbouwbrasser.
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    I bought this a year or so ago, and it really is a great model. It went together beautifully and looked fantastic hanging from the ceiling of my classroom. Get it while you can!
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    Aparrently the model has been removed. I can link to the page but there is nothing there.
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    Just's there. Scroll down about a third of the way and follow directions under Purchase Information. :thumb:

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    Thanks for the link. I have it downloaded and on the list.
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  11. That was Chuck Yeager jumping out of a NF 104A which is also free available here;
    BTW,Is this a Dutch thread or a Dutch treat?sign1
    Cheers, Billy
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    The Fiddlers Green X-15 is a fun little build. I've built two, and maybe I can post some photos in the next couple of days. My build of one of them, depicting '6670, is described on the FG website.

    I also built a "gear-down" version of '6671, depicting the landing after the first flight with the XLR99 motor. I scratchbuilt a number of details, including the nose boom, a new tail sans the yellow NASA markings, skids, nosewheel, engine exhaust, various drains and antenna, etc.
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    As promised, here are some photos of a couple of my FG X-15 builds. The first couple are of my build of '6671, and the markings depict the vehicle on its first XLR99 flight.

    The other two photos are of my build of the very first X-15, '6670. I remember when I was a kid, in the early '60s, getting the old Aurora styrene kit of the X-15 and thinking it was the neatest thing since sliced bread.

    The X-15 is a pretty impressive vehicle, and I would urge anyone interested in it to check out Hypersonic by Dennis Jenkins and Tony Landis. It is a great book and chock full of X-15 info and photos, tons of them in color.

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  14. Nicely done, dhanners, I have the same one sitting in my show-case, infact it was the first FG-model I ever bought, Btw, did you know that Nobi also did the x-15? it's little bit bigger( 1:50), and it has a cockpit-interiour, it was free aswell, I can't remember how i got it, but if someone needs it, just PM me..
    Cheers, Billy

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