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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by cgutzmer, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. cgutzmer

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    Hey all! Grettings from France! Pardon if there are any typos, this keyboard kills me.

    I am considering joining fiddlers green and getting the bomber cd. If anyone has pics of the builds of any of their aircraft would you mind posting one or two? Also if you hqve any photos of what you get build with the key it would be appreciqted. I just want to know what the finished product looks like. I dont want another biz going out like lighthouse :( I placed an order from them today too. Back to the states in a week or so. Tried to get airwolf built while I was here and struggled with it a lot and ended up pitching it :(
  2. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Well it's nice to know somebody tried building it and I am sorry to know you had problems. Would you mind telling me what they were?
  3. rmks2000

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    If you click on each plane at the FG site, you'll see that they are all displayed in built form. I beta'd the Stuka and can attest that it will be build nicely. The Gotha is an earlier design that could use some detail. The 299 (predeccesor to B-17) is one of John Dell's designs and well done. I also know that the Ansaldo is a nice build.
  4. modelincard

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    My gallery ( has pix of some models from Fiddlersgreen.

    If you're refering to the "Magic Key," it means that you get all the new aircraft models released for the next 6 months (last time I checked).

    Hope this helps.
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I will try again another time when I have more experience under my belt. My main problem was that when I printed the pdf out there were no pics of the model completed or otherwise qnd hqd no pc qccess when I started so I had to remember what it looked like. Also the line digrams helped me very little. pics of so,e of the more difficult parts would help immensely. Of course if I had pics of the copter when I started I might not hqve run into problems at all. DARN THIS KEYBOARD!!!!!! stinking non qwerty ;)

    maybe a pic of the side, top and bottom of the copter in the pdf would suffice to resolve my problems. my second problem was purely my issue. The black ink shows glue (elmers) horribly and with all the curves and whatnot I had a terrible time with fingerprints pretty much everywhere. I picked up some of this fabled uhu here in france and will see how that works out for me on a couple models. To me it seems like ca glue just from sniffing it ;)

    I printed it on my epson 2200 on epson heqvywheight matte paper. pretty much what I do all my models on and reinforce on index cards when needed. I did just get some 1 mm or 1.5mm cardstock from work so might try that for reinforcing next.
  6. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Thanks modelin thats what I was looking for :) I wanted to see some of the builds from builders here ;) I didnt know how realistic the pics on the site were as they might have been done by the best of the best of the best and i am definitely not one of those. (though it seems I pale in compqrison to qlmost everyone here) I really like that drone pic :)

    I will look at more of those pics on the site and decide after I build q couple of the lighthouse models I ordered. Feel free to post more pics if fiddlers green stuff if you have done any of them :)
  7. bigtom

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    Why don't you try some of the freebies at FG?

    Its a good way to build experience....
  8. blueeyedbear

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    Try this link for FG free models:

    And don't overlook the Piper Cub link on the home page. It is a great model and the price is right!:-D

    For photos, go to the FG forums, look for "Look What I Built". Everything from grade schoolers to models built by their designers.

    Happy modelin'

  9. 46rob

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    Fiddlers Green models are designed to be easy to build...of the bombers, I've built all but the B-52 and Stuka. With a bit of care--you end up with some really large and good fitting models. FG Cd's are a tremendous value, and they also come with free access to thier new releases in all categories for a specified time period, usually dependent on how much you've bought. You can't beat them for the price. These are big models--lots of pages, with several versions of each, in most cases. There are some examples of FG models in my album on this website (46rob)--altho not bombers....I like jet fighters.
  10. David H

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    I have nearly finished my second B52, this time in regular-sized-flavour.

    I like it, not too difficult a nice stand off model. Printed on the office lazer on 135 and 160mgm2 card then given a coat of gloss spray on varnish- glue wipes off.

    I cut off the tabs and make my own connectors then add a very rough internal support to centre section. this increases the build time and fiddling factor, engines increase from 40 odd pieses to 80 odd.

    I think the wing needs more support, even on the regular sized verson. Tail and rudder is not easy and there are some issues with colour matching across sections.

    But good fun and an impressive model


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  11. -Jim G

    -Jim G Member

    FG Models

    Nice job on the BUFF David!

    I have built several FG B-52s and the last few I have glued 6 US pennies in the nose and left off the engines and landing gear. These are good flying models and with the swept wings, they are fairly durable when they strike an immovable object:-o

    I think that the FG models are a good starting models and because they are not such a big investment in time, I can afford to give them away to co-workers, children in my neighborhood etc.

    The classic FG Piper Cub is a very nice model to begin with. I would steer a beginner away from attempting tom build the floats right away. They can be frustrating to get straight.

    -Jim G

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