Fiddlers Green Nortrop Gamma

Discussion in 'Radio Control & Other Propulsion Methods' started by meatbomber, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    Here`s my newest :)

    A Fiddlers Green Northrop Gamma. Large size plans were used on A4 paper (104%) as template.

    Span 48cm weight 25g.

    Normal Kyosho Minium 2,4Ghz rc equipment is used.

    Power is just about enough, certainly no roket but she flies ok in still air. get`s pretty fast at WOT in level flight :)

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  2. Texman

    Texman Guest

    That is so cool! I wish I had the skill and knowledge to pull that off.
    Just think, a different plane to fly every few months. Gotta love that

  3. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    No big skills and knowledge require that you can`t aquire easily here and by yourselfe :D

    if you have built a paper plane than building these is just the same but with ticker but more flexible material. everything that apllies to paper aplies to it to.

    As for the flying, if you get the Center of gravity right (by taping the components onto te fuselage and then making toss laqunched glides to see if it`s allright) then they will mostly fly themselfes :D
  4. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Please be specific about materials. Also, what type of motor, receiver, power units are you using. This looks like a lot of fun and FG models are a snap to build.

    Also, how do you mount the motor to the fuselage?
    Do you angle the motor slightly to counteract torque? If so, how much?

  5. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    The material i use is very thin foam calles durobatics you can get it her: pricey, but definitely one of the lightest out there... and 3 sheets will see you throug most of teh smaller FG planes.

    The electronics are from the Kyosho Minium Series (Cessna or Citabria) mirco models, in the US they are marketed by parkzone. you can either get one of their planes (probably the best to start as you`ll need a complete set to start with) or get the spare parts, brick (that´s a receiver, regulator and 2 servos in a small unit) motor, akku and prop from several vendors, just search for parkzone cessna or citabria in google.

    I use hardly any down thrus in my models, but you need quite a bit of right thrust to counteract torque, at least in the single engine birds.. i use TLAR -> that looks about right when i build my planes, nit very scientific but it works after a while ;)
  6. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    thank you, meatbomber! Those were excellent instructions. I know the Parkzone brand, too. This should be some pure fun.

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