Fiddlers Green F4U-1 Corsair for Minium Equipment

Discussion in 'Radio Control & Other Propulsion Methods' started by meatbomber, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    my next project... looked good until paint ;) i really need to get a portable compressor so i can airbrush them.... brushed is a) too heavy and b) too uneven ... and i need a better way for decals

    AUW is 24g (put on 6g of paint !:curse::oops:wall1)
    Wingspan is 40cm


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  2. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Have you explored the possiblity of running the foam sheet through the printer? It is certainly flexible enough and most printers have a setting for thick stock. It might be worth a try.
  3. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Also, what technique/adhesive do you use to join the foam together at seams and bulkheads?

    Thanks again.
  4. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    yup i already tried that with a P47. worked ok, but you need a medium called inkaid for the ink to adhere to teh foam.. i have that buit you need to apply it evenly and my airbrush wasn`t working properl with it.. so it`s a bit cumbersome, but i`ll definitel go and try it again, once i got a good way to evenly and lightly apply it to the foam.
  5. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    Uhu-por, it`s a contact glue so you apply it to both sides let it dry and then press the 2 pieces together as strongly as you can.. the pressure translates into how well teh glue holds, not the time it is applied.
  6. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Meatbomber, I am trying to define just exactly what type of material you are using. There are only a limited number of open/closed cell foams made. I believe I have one narrowed down.

    The idea is to beat the price you are currently paying by purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

    Can you describe the properties of the material to me?

    1. Is it indeed foam? Drop a bit of lacquer thinner or acetone on a piece of material. If it turns to a translucent sludge, it's foam. You should be able to manipulate the stuff like children's "Gack" in your fingers until the solvent finally evaporates at which point the stuff will regain some rigidity.

    2. Is the material rigid like paper card which means it can be formed into a circular shape, but otherwise, it holds its flat shape like card?

    3. When you form the material as you did with the Corsair, does it easily crease or maintain a uniform curve like card?

    4. Does the material look like the stuff used for foam picnic plates OR like the stuff used for foam packing sleeves?

    Thanks for your trouble. I may be able so save us both some money. You are right, the stuff on that website is waaay pricey.
  7. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    it`s actually exactly like depron (that´s a widely used polysetreren foam here in europe, but very hard to obtain in the US) that has ben either sliced or machined to thickness...

    The Depron has a "skin" where duwing the manufacture of the plates the foam gets very dense and has verys very fine pores and actualy a shine to it, and a core that is less dense. on a normal plate you have skin on both sides and between teh core which is a bit less dense and the pores are bigger. The durobatics has the same skin but only on one side so i guess it`s cut from 3 or 2mm stock... the thickness varies slightly betwen plates too.

    i`m sorry i don`t know what your picknick plates look like but packing foam is usually a LOT less dense and has very big pores.

    the material has a "grain" saying it bends a lot easier in one direction than perpendicular to that direction and it will if rolled over a tablöe edge or similar keep that shape.

    it does crease if pushed too hard, or tried to roll it too far in one go in the hard to bend direction.
  8. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Thanks, Meatbomber. I'll give it a go!
  9. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Here ya go, Meatbomber. I found a site and the sheets are far cheaper. The Zepron has a slight curvature to it, which shouldn't be a big deal for us since it will be shaped anyway.

    There is a minimum order of 25 sheets @ 1.25 per. So, if you want in, let me know. Otherwise, I am just going to order them for myself.
  10. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    i have a very big stack of duro so thanks but no ;) for me usually it`s the shipping to europe that makes the stuff expensive.

    I have a really BIG stack of depron too from 1 - 6mm but none is as light as the Duro :)

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