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  1. i am building the fiddlers green B-17.but when i try to assemble the rest of the fuselage from the part with the wing spar to the tail, i find that the pieces are not fitting right. i try dry fits and every seems lined up ok , but building the rest of the model with the glue tabs , one side fits but the other will not:-( and i even tried bending the tabs inward and it still dont help.would you suggest cutting off the glue tabs and making bulk heads and bunting the parts together?? thanks:)
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    Do you mean the fuselage sections are going together on one side but not lining up on the other side, or that the panel lines are not lining up? Or are they not going together at all?

    I've not really had much trouble with FG stuff going together, but I can tell you with FG stuff that there are slight variances in 'straight lines' and panel lines don't really ever match up. This is why almost all of my FG models have a "show" side and a "do the best I can with what I have to work with" side. I have also ran across some models that if I'm just a touch off with the fuselage cylinders... that sucker isn't going together! (ie, some of their tolerances are VERY tight even if you are perfectly on the 'lines').
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    Patriot Missile,

    If you are saying that the adjacent fuselage section doesn't have enough room to have the tabs fit inside it, then definitely cut them off from the other section and use a joiner strip with a bulkhead. Normally the female section has a slightly larger diameter to compensate for the card thickness. You may also want to ask this question on the FG forum.

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