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  1. lizzienewell

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    Hey I just checked out Micheal Haggard's web site. It great to see someone else writing science-fiction and making models of the stuff in their stories.
    This is what I do.
    Do any of the rest of you write stories about your models? or make models from your own stories?
  2. 46rob

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    No- mine just come from my life
  3. Yes, in a certain manner.

    Frank Dekkers, a friend of me, has developed his own fan-fiction star trek ship, the USS Scimitar. Another friend, Harald Latus, has write a story about the ship. "Ein ehrgeiziger Traum" -thrilling 200 pages and a free download ! (But sorry, only in german !)

    And now I construct a paper model of this complex ship, a real challenge.
    Some pics are in the german Kartonbau-Forum.

    Martin Saenger
  4. Hi Lizzie,

    I write short stories, and I design my own models, but I have never linked the two together. The stories I write are about short, social events, mood-sketches, and such. And I don't see myself writing a short story about one of my medieval models either. They're just two entirely different hobbies of mine.

  5. Ashrunner

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    My writings center on time travel. Hard to model a lot of the things I put in my stories, but there are possibilities, such as the time machine itself. I seem to recall a model of Jules Vernes' Time Machine machine (not really a redundancy, is that?) but in plastic.

    Lizzie...have you ever designed a model and then wrote a story around it? I have found that I write quicker and better when images inspire me.
  6. Rick Thomson

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    I don't write, but I am an avid reader (I am more hooked on words in a line than any junkie is on whatever drug you can name), and Science Fiction has always been a favourite of mine. Just out of interest are you published, and if so what titles?

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