Fiat CR42 "Falco"

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Atomsk, Nov 10, 2004.

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    Has anyone ever made a model of the Fiat CR42?

    It was widely regarded as the best biplane fighter ever built (it was actually a sesquiplane). It was most likely the fastest as well, especially the lone example with a DB601 engine in the nose, which reportedly exceeded 325 mph.

    Still, 1938 was too late to introduce a new biplane to combat. The Hurricane and Spitfire were already in the air, with the P-47 and P-51 soon to follow. The only reason the Falco lasted as long as it did was the mediocre performance of Italy's first monplane fighters, such as the G50 and Mc 200.

    I've read of CR42s tangling with Hurricanes, during the attacks on Malta. They gave as good as they took.
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    I would dispute it's sesquiplaneness, the lower wing was of sufficient area to make it as a full biplane.

    What's DeWayne done with it, you might have to ask him specially, there's a lovely one in 1/72 by Fabrizio Prudenziati.

    Oh - and surviving over Malta needs to be seen in the context of the significant numerical superiority it enjoyed. It didn't last 5 minutes when commited over SE England during the Battle of Britain. :lol:
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