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  1. Getter1

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    Hello all,

    I was building teh FG Pfalz and thought it needed some detail help. I printed out some sheets from Marek's 1-33 Pfalz for detail parts.

    I took the guns, engine, top wing tank, windscreen, cockpit, engine compartment, and control horns. Not much left to do at this point. Put the rest of the details on, mount top wing, and rigg it all up.

    Getter 1

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  2. ShaunGamer

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    Thanks for the Pictures.
    I love the simplicity and style of FG models but some models, especially the WWI planes, lack needed detail. I will definitely be taking a leaf out of your book when I build more of FG's WWI fighters. Thanks for the ideas!
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    Nice job. Send it to FG when your done, I'm sure Chip will post it. WHat scale did you end up with?
  4. Getter1

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    ShaunGamer, Yeah you can get away with a lack of detail when the cockpit and engines are inclosed but the WW1 birds have neither. Glad you like it :D Oh the wheels are Guillow's lightweight 3/4 inch wheels with the original kit's wheels on for detail. They are avaliable in 8 packs at most hobby stores that carry balsa wood plane kits. Another thing bout hte wheels, I drilled out the center to accept a round toothpick for the axel.

    rmks2000, Thanks, and I do intend to send in to Chip. Strange thing though, the last time I was a FG the Pfalz D-III was no linger on the site. I wonder if it's getting re-vamped??? Bout the scale I just printed out the large version. After measuring the wingspan it comes to roughly 1/40 scale, but the parts I robbed came from a 1/33 kit and they fit very well.

    I hope to have the build done this week and get more pics posted.

    Getter 1
  5. Getter1

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    Update!!! I got the top wing and the last of the small details on. Still need to do some touch up paint (that's the hard part for a man who's color blind), then I tackle the rigging (which I've never done before).

    Also there's a few pics of a FG SPAD XIII I built in 1/72 scale. It's all stock except for the rolled exaust pipes and clear windscreen. Does anyone have a suggestion for the rigging on a model that small?

    Getter 1

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  6. rmks2000

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    Getter 1,

    It doesn't look like you pre-drilled holes for sewing the riggiing, so
    I'd use lengths of lacquered thread or thin wire and glue them in place.

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