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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Getter1, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Getter1

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    Hello All,

    I was working on a Fiddler's Green B-17. So far the fit is great. I had trouble witht he wing fillets but that was my own fault for not shaping the leading edges properly (too much crease and not enough roll). Also I built the 2 wing sections and then assembled them together instead of gluing the 2 parts before rolling the wings :p Oh well on to my point.

    I was wondering if anyone out there has built the large version (with Man 'o' War II nose art)? I noticed that the port wing tip and port wing fillet are a diffrent color from the rest of the plane. Another thing,the Starbord inner wing half's missing some coloration around the intakes on the underside.

    Has anyone done a correction of these part sheets (sheets 7 and 8)?

  2. Bowdenja

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    I've built two, the SAR version and the YB-17 version............... both were very good............ but haven;t done anymore. Sorry.

    John Dell did a very good job on these................

  3. murphyaa

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    Shoot off an email to Chip. He'll look into it and get it fixed, if it needs it( I don't know what the real plane looked like).

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