Ferrari F50 in the blend

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Arjun, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Arjun

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    The previous design, the Boeing 707, seems to be Mission Impossible as of now. I tried out something different until then- a Ferrari F50.

    I have a problem out here with the unfold script of Blender- it doesn't seem to unfold planes very well- I can never get it to unfold a circle! I never had this problem with the Metasequoia-Pepakura combination. Rhino, I guess, doesn't face the same problem. I don't know how to save a plane mesh to SVG format. Got a hint?
  2. rmks2000

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    Try contacting Czestmyr. I believe that he created the unfold script.
  3. Arjun

    Arjun Member

    There are too many overlapping faces when I try unfolding parts. It seems to unfolds things the wrong way. Is there any remedy for this? Or should I redesign the model in Blender? Then how do I avoid this in the re-take?
  4. hemingway

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  5. Arjun

    Arjun Member

    Yesterday, I started with the beta build of the F50. I had used ordinary print paper, so the model turned out to be so weak, it barely stands. Not to mention, I had prepared a 3-D rim going inward for the wheels, which made it even more difficult. Of course, I'm doing it at 1:43 scale, while some Japanese page has a kit for more or less 1:18.

    I was thinking...should I download, print, fold and stick that Japanese model first? Not to mention, I've had problems Inkscaping and GIMPing as well...
  6. Arjun

    Arjun Member

    Right now, no problem Inkscaping or GIMPing, except for some difficulties in emptying the paint bucket.

    I've even made simple seats to keep inside, and even did a beta build in print paper- predictably, it isn't looking sturdy.

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