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  1. ok then just tell me a list of things that need doing and changing and ill get onto it
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    Alright, will do. attached is the last build pic. I'm going to work on the fonts (all of them), the textures and the 2X mock-up.:thumb:

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  3. looking good one of the changes ive made is that cylinder the second one up made the curve on it simpler
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    Cool. My build looks like crap.sign1 I was just working it up to check out the issues. I just sent you 12 sheets of photo illustrations showing changes that need to be made. It'll look sharp when it's done, but it's a work in progress.

    I'm working on the fonts now and going back to the textures. I've upsized this in PhotoShop, but can you resize it in Met, or Pep? I really only need it to be in black and white. I can lay the the textures right over that and prepare for a second build. I'll be doing the textures in 600 and 1200 dpi and when I'm done I'll output it to 8X10 and 11X17 in pdf.

    Do you have any idea where you want to put the "Starbase" fonts and number designations? There aren't any that I can see on the model, but it might be a nics addition, something small on one of the cylinders maybe?
  5. yeah that would be good on the cylinders and most of the changes i can do in pep i can slao send a blank version no textures once i get the other parts added and the few changes in meta also where is this donuought is it the recess on the saucer or the other part on the middle also the saucer has a part wich the little city parts attach to wich then attaches to the top saucer and yeah i can upscale it just give me the scale you want it at as a decimal and ill input it into pep also you say you had problems with the dome thing in the middle the its meant to be a bit bigger at the top than the cyilinder above it
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    OK, but I think when all is said and done we should make one available without any fonts. Don't want the purists coming at us with hatchets and axes out.


    It's the ring underneath the large saucer, I sent you a picture of studio scale model with a description.

    Yes, that's going to need to be modified.

    I just need it twice the size it is now, I don't know what scale you have this scaled at in Pep.

    I know the hemisphere is the middle is supposed to be slightly larger, I'm just saying that there eas an issue with the build.

    Why not correspond with me through e-mail, or PM. I'm guessing this is getting tedious for some of the members.:thumb:
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    Tedious, NO. It's good to see you guys working together.
  8. thanks paul its good to see people replying here also tomorrow i plan to alter the mesh to accomodate the new features and a new unfold to try and improve build process ive already made changes to the mesh to make parts easier im going to alter ceartain parts by using jan rukurs unfolded pattern as a guide also upscale to 2X the size now and ill send you the updated blank version for the textures etc as for the grebbies ontop i might draw them up scan them because itd be best to use mainly laninated pieces for those i belive
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    I'll be looking for the new features and the new unfold. I've attached a knitted together starbase, with the correct vertical orientation.

    I've got a load of supplies coming in tomorrow and I have to get ready for WonderFest, so I'm not going to have a lot of time for anything. The sooner I get the new unfold the better. I'll keep working on the fonts and textures, but I'm not going to post anymore until it's ready.

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  10. ok ive give the saucer a new personality whit a new reformed shape pic later
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    Great. Can't wait to see it. I've got good weather today, but it's supposed to start raining AGAIN!wall1wall1wall1 Let me know as soon as you have the unwrap done.:thumb:
  12. ok the only part im having trouble with is the donought but i think i can do it another way using the donut primitive in meta
  13. New saucer and donought section made also the cylinder has been simplified to give the curve section better now the grebies on the bottom as for the others on the top there to hard o model so ill create some flat piece in meta and make that part laminated and il add supports then unfolding and to you for texturing

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    Looks great! Actually I think the top can be done in Pep, or Met, just create them as separate entities. If you start out with larger parts, to make it easier to work with, you can scale it/them to fit later. Most of what's on the top is /are antenna. If you want, I'll have a go at it later, when we get a little further along. Forgive me if I'm not making sense. I'm beat and not quite up to par.
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    Got some work done on all the fonts last night. I want to get these done so I can concerntrate on the textures.

    Below are some low res shots of the fonts.

    Starbase big.

    Starbase small.

    This is just the "S" and is less than half the size I'm working in. When I print these to .pdd, or .pdf there is no aliasing, nor are there an artifacts. So, what you're seeing isn't really representative of the clarity of the fonts. I'm doing this to make then crisp at any size, so that there's no bleed over when they are printed to a model. I'm using three different programs to do this. I'm sure someone else could do it easier and faster, but what can I say?
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    While waiting for the new unfold, I've also been working the textures for the cylinders. I figured that was the easiest thing to do until I get the new parts.

    Original part.

    Overlayment texture.

    Replacement part WIP.
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    this is still a WIP, but I used the last mesh as a template to create this. What do you think, does it need more detail, more plating, different color?
    I'll be adding some more windows, but I'm not really sure where to take it. Any suggestions?

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  19. wow you got alot done should have the unfold done soon also its twice the size as before for you so thats 48Cm high :AHHH:and ill make some supports in a seprate PDO so the first dosent get to crowded and those textures and fonts are coming alon nicely
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    Thanks, looking forward to the unfold. I know it's going be bigger and I'm looking forward to it.:mrgreen: I'll hopefully get more done tonight, I want this to look as good as possible and follow it through to the end. I've got to start finishing some of these projects. Today's "Honey Do" day, so I wont be getting a lot done today. I'll focus on the rest of the fonts until I get the unfold.:thumb:

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