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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by dolylo, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. dolylo

    dolylo New Member

    My father had been an avid train person. He passed away last month and we are trying to find out what his things are worth. If anyone would care to help us out it would be appreciated. The family wants to sell it all together. Just to get the estate settled. You can see his collection by going to the following site: /http://userweb.suscom.net/~cvlogue/
    Please email me with what you might think this entire collection might be worth.
    Thank you,
  2. belg

    belg Member

    Donna, all I can say is that you will take a big beating on selling a collection like this at one time. There is too much there for the average guy so the only people that will be interested in it will be resellers which will break down the collection and sell it a little at a time on ebay or to private sellers.
    I myself would like several of the items but not the whole thing, good luck , Pat.
  3. dolylo

    dolylo New Member

    I would like knowing what you would be interested in and at what price then i can see if the family would agree You can email me at my address.
  4. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I have to agree with Belg. Guess he was a collector. Some of the rolling stock, the company that made them went out of buisness before I could say steam loco. Some of the Tyco I had when I was a kid. Athearn....in a red box???
    If you want to sell the whole collection, Get a copy of one of the model railroad magazines. In the back you'll see a BUY/SELL section. There are some people that will buy whole collections. Unfortunatly, like Belg said, these people usually break up collections, sell them on ebay, or at train shows in "bargin boxes".
  5. dolylo

    dolylo New Member

    is there any way you can send me some of the sections from those magazines? My father insisted we sell it all together, not sure why but that was his wish and the family is pretty set on doing it the way he wanted even if the buyer parts it out after.
  6. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Please, PLEASE, reconsider this. As a collector and part-time seller I'm telling you, find someone who can part this out for you, otherwise you will be giving it away. Even an Ebay consigner will give a better return at 50% commission then one of those buzzards out there circling around just looking for you to make their day. Sorry, I just see too much of this going on out there.
  7. seanm

    seanm Member

    I agree with Bob! Find somebody you trust.. Maybe there is a local club that you can contact.

    Best of luck! Beautiful collection!
  8. dolylo

    dolylo New Member

    if someone could give me a price of what this is worth from a collectors standpoint I would certainly appreciate it. Not a re sellers standpoint but a collector. If I can find out what the entire collection is worth I may try to come up with the money myself just to keep it all together.
    Thank you
  9. Brian R.

    Brian R. Member

    from seeing other lots of HO. and the amount of stuff you have. i would say that your collection is worth 3-4 grand easy.
  10. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    dolylo, if there's a way to keep it together and keep it in the family I would recommend doing that. My dad died 11 years ago next month, and one of the things he left behind was his childhood Lionel trains. He wasn't a huge train guy, it was just every middle-class boy growing up in the '50s had a set, and so did he. He'd set them up on the floor every once in a while because it helped him relax.

    Well, those trains sat in Mom's basement for a few years, then they sat in my basement for another three years before I got them out. I set them up for Christmas; it became permanent. For me, they're still a way to connect with Dad. Dad's trains would have probably been worth about $500-$600 to a collector in 1994 (they're worth considerably less than that now), but to me the dollar figure is irrelevant. They were Dad's and I remember vividly when I was 12 and we set them up together for the first time and got them working, so they're priceless to me.

    So if it's possible to keep them, I suggest you keep them. If keeping them turns out to be a mistake, you can correct that. If you sell and it turns out to be a mistake, there's not much you can do.
  11. dolylo

    dolylo New Member

    we have a bid of 4,500. for my Dad's trains and I am not able to outbid that. But my Father left me his N-gauge layout and trains and a complete HO gauge bicentennial set that has never been opened. I have no idea of the value of them but to me these are priceless, they are what he had made sure I recieved. And I will cherish them. Thank you all for your input. I do appreciate it.
  12. TNT

    TNT New Member

    Why sell the collection? Why not just keep it, to preserve the memory of him?:thumb:
  13. shortliner

    shortliner Member

    I see it has been sold ! Guess someone wanted the money!
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands

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