Father/Daughter Project Gets Under Way

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Drew1125, Feb 16, 2002.

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    Really? Well, if that's the case, maybe we can figure out some of these other icons, too!

    :( - Lack of oxygen
    :eek: - Singing in a choir, need to take a breath
    :D - I have big teeth
    :p - A happy version of Mr. Yuck (remember the Mr. Yuck stickers?)
    :cool: - Totally blind
    :rolleyes: - Poisoned, eyes rolling back into head
    :mad: - Demon possessed
    :eek: - I'm choking on something
    :confused: - My head is smoldering, or my head smells funny, or I have curly hair that stands straight up

    -Rory :rolleyes:
  3. billk

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    Rory - No, really, I am blind in my left eye. If it was anybody but you I'd be feeling insulted right now.
  4. Drew1125

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    Hey Guys!
    I just got here, & I seemed to have missed "Night At Thye Improv"! :D
    Oh, that reminds me...thank you to Rory for giving me that JC Penny link...The HP trainset was on my porch when I got home today!!! What a beautiful train! Time to get that track gang to work!
    Rory, I'm going to nominate you the official "Linkmeister" at The Gauge! :) (Oh, & thanks for finally explaining that smilely key to us!...add big teeth here...)
    Hey, does anybody remember the theme song to Petticoat Junction? All I can remember is ...something, something, something you bet/ & even more when you get/ to the Junction/Petticoat Junction/chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga...
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    Hey Rory,the only useless information is the stuff you don't share.By the way welcome to NARA :D
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    Bill K,

    I certainly meant no insult. I have a "slightly less useful eye." I find myself closing it so I can focus easier, especially when I'm working on the models. Drives me nuts!

    I also have a "useless tooth," which is my upper-right wisdom tooth. There is a gap between it and the tooth in front of it. The only thing it's good for is getting food caught in it and driving me even more nuts.

    Sorry about the eye, friend! :(


    P.S. - Why is the ":(" referred to as a "smilie?" Shouldn't it be a "frownie?"

    P.P.S. - hehehe I accidentally misspelled "smilie" as "simile." Boy that would have wreaked havoc with the meaning of that sentence... :) (plain smilie)
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    All I said was my daughter did want to work on the rail road any more

    shane:) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused:
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    You take a day off to find a job, and this forum gets away from you!!!

    In answer to you question"how long did it take him to make dirt?"
    Judging from the progress on the Badger Creek, He's not as fast as Shamus!
  10. sumpter250

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    back to the junction...

    The link you posted on 2-20 confirmed my suspitions that the cannonball was Sierra railways #3, a rogers 4-6-0.

    Oh, by the way,,,
    I was killing a lunch break in an antique store (stuff I remember as new), and I found a large print of a photo of Sierra Railways #38 2-6-6-2, whic was a very popular PFM import.

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