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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by gera, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. gera

    gera Member

    Hi Everyone:
    One of the needs of evry card modeler that downloads from the net is better bandwith (Speed). Since most of us do not justify the cost of adsl at home, we usually use some kind of booster program to get better speed from our modem (56K).
    I found the following service, which is GREAT, can be used all over the world and is moderatly priced. The service comes out of England and I am very happy how "fast" it has made my surfing. So here is the address so you might check it out and enjoy better speed for downloading those PDF models. :roll:

  2. IndiQa

    IndiQa New Member

    Why ADSL is cheap!!

    I have one and the wife has one.

  3. kk135

    kk135 Member

    I'm currently using a cable modem. Definitely worth the extra $.
  4. mapuc

    mapuc Member

    I have broadband 100/100 I can download and opload all that I want(legal stuff offcourse) and I can sit 24/7 and I pay the same price everymonth

  5. Square

    Square Member

    Yes I also use ADSL and love it
    Those excelators tend to mess stuff up,
    you lose to gain faster speeds
    My next step will be a T-1
  6. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    Well, we have a T-1 at work, and I'm connected directly to one of the ports on the router. Consistantly get 175Kb/sec downloads, can manage 75Kb/sec, even with a lot of other users. Costs > $1000/month, but uptime and maintenance response are impeccable.

    At home, I've got a cable hookup. On a bad day, downloads at 250Kb/sec, usually gets 350-400Kb/sec the rest of the time. Costs $50/month, and uptime isn't nearly as good.

    I figure this is 'cause we pay the real cost for the T-1 and the bandwidth, while the cable company is playing cut-throat with its competitors.

    No problem with me of course. :D

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