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  1. brushless

    brushless New Member

    2250 Series
    Available in 10,11,12 turns.
    Max RPM 50,000. 2000-3000w @ 50-100 amps
    Weight - 560 grams.
    5mm shaft size
    Lehner Motor Specs Chart

    this is off the webpage
    as you can see this paticuler motor has 2000-3000 watts depending on how many cells u run through it just anouther example of how powerfull brushless motors are. this is designed for e-maxx use,1/8 scale electric buggy conversions and 1/5 scale cars this motor has 4 hp 10 times stronger than the 2 titans in the e-maxx combined. personly this motor is way too powerfull. if u put this motor in an e-maxx it ill be able to pull 4 t-maxxes with .21 conversion becuase of how much torqe electric motors pump out.
  2. John Binz

    John Binz New Member

    Yeah the brushless are very very good. Less maintence then a brush motor. You don't have to keep replacing the brushes in your brush motor. In the long run you will save money buying the brushless motor becuase you won't have to buy brushes. They said the same thing in Rc Car Action. I would go with the brushless my self.
  3. kschauwe

    kschauwe New Member

    Unless you abuse them, BL motors will last forever. Just change the bearing every few years.
    BTW, you can buy 40 cell brush motors and esc from Astroflight, but BL is still a better bet.
  4. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    ya it would probably brake the driveshafts and kill the tranny. those systems sound real nice but i dont have the money right now to spend on one. i heard that they still have brushes but they arte connected the same. im not sure though
  5. kschauwe

    kschauwe New Member

  6. TCable

    TCable Member

    In our solar car, we used brushless DC motors, because you can get upwards of 95% efficiency. The problem with three phase AC is that DC is more efficient than AC. But, you can get more horsepower out of AC 3-phase by a factor of the square root of 3 (1.73). 3-phase Power = 1.73*V*I and DC Power = V*I. Of course you have to supply more power to get more power, its just that the motor can handle more with the same voltage and current ratings.
  7. kschauwe

    kschauwe New Member

    DC brushless are the same as AC brushless motors. They both have 3 field coils.
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