Fast Tracks Jigs.

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    I used a 40 watt iron in the past, but I filled my frogs with solder, and then sawed out the flangeways afterwards.

    I watched Steve Hatch use some very fine solder (0.15" diameter) when he was doing his demonstration. He just layed a fine bead along the joints of the wing rails and frog. Looked a whole lot easier than my crude methods, and not nearly the heat required. See if you can get the rail hot enough for a good solder joint with the small diameter solder - I think it will work well, but your attempt will tell for sure.

    I know you don't want to buy another iron, but a 40 watt is not real expensive (less than $20). I have a 25 and 40 watt irons, a 75/150 watt gun, and then the propane torch when I really need the heat. Each one works well for certain applications.

    yours in soldering
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    Fast track jigs

    Shane: I talked today to a friend who lived near Tim in Kitchener. Tim has moved and has so much internet business that he doesn't come to shows anymore. :curse:

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