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    What's the best way to attach fascia to the benchwork??? I was planning to use drywall screws, but then realized (a) the shortest drywall screw I have is 1", which is 1/8" too long; and (b) these babies should be recessed, but if I do that it'll go right through the 1/8" hardboard I'm using as fascia.

    Finishing nails perhaps ???
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    Hi Mike,
    I have used several things to apply fascia to layouts. I normally use a pneumatic finish stapler with 5/8" or 3/4" staples. But if you don't have access to one, go to a hardware store and get panelling nails. These come in various lengths and colors too.
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    I would get some finishing washers (these are raised washers that look good as a final finish) and oval head screws (less than 1" long) from my local hardware store. If the screws and washers look good, there's no problem in not hiding them.

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