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    excellent!thank you !thank you!
  2. zathros

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    After rereading that comment, it may have similar plot bits and pieces, but it really is quite a different show. Quite a bit more depth, I have more finding in common with Buck Rogers, which I personally could not watch, than I have finding similarities. Farscape had a beginning and an end, and the use as Wormholes as weapons has never been used before in any Science Fiction movie or show that I can remember.

    There is a need for more different crafts from that movie. Meshes would be a good start.
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    One paper model problem with Farscape, and I loved the show... is that many of the ships were either full of complex curves (difficult in paper, though not impossible), like Moira and Talon, or sometimes not all that interesting, like most of the other ships. Props might be more special - i think there was a model of Wynona (John's sidearm Pulse Pistol). I just found the ship designs lacking in most cases. I felt this way about Above and Beyond; other than the Marine Fighters and Transport, the majority of ships were uninspiring... and I still loved the show. I am willing to admit though, that this is just my opinion.
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  4. zathros

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    Farscape was about the characters in my opinion. So much so that the ships just did not matter much. Crichton's Pod might be possible to come pretty close reproducing, as a candidate for a paper model. :)

  5. thehaggard

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    Exactly so. I think there is a Farscape One model out there... can't remember where.
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    I could probably rework my model to look like that up there Zath! thanks I will work on it during coffee breaks!!! lol
  7. zathros

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    That would need to be loaded into a CAD program to get the curves most appropriate. Problem is, lines would end up where you don't want them. and the nose piece really should be shaped out of Balsa wood, or a two part putty. Otherwise, it will not be satisfactory. If I get time, I'll try to work a Render to show the critical areas, to demonstrate the critical areas. I say this in reference to a very detailed model. :)

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