Fantastic Paper Sculptures

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by B-Manic, Mar 11, 2007.

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  3. yaniv

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    i reaply only to move the spam nude massege to the end

    we have some kids here

    sorry for spaming
  4. Clashster

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    Just a word of warning - I clicked on the link above and was immediately warned by my McAfee that it blocked a virus! Not sure if it was the link, or just a coincidence, but I thought I would toss it out there!

  5. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    I have the same with norton 2006, the page loads, then a warning pops up says norton has stopped a virus called downloader.

    Just checked norton website the virus does this "Downloader connects to the Internet and downloads other Trojan horses or components"
    norton cleans it off, cool model though.
  6. trojan

    same here .... clicked link and got a trojan!!!
  7. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    wierd, because i have Norton's as well, and I have gone to the site now twice, and nothing popped up on my system.

    Might need to run a sweep on your own machines to see if something slipped in

  8. B-Manic

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    I have AVG 7.5, it updates daily. It did not detect any virus from the Paper Sculptures link. - ? -

    A false positive, also known as a false detection or false alarm, occurs when an antivirus program detects a known virus string in an uninfected file. The file, while not infected with an actual virus, does contain a string of characters that matches a string from an actual virus.
  9. paper warrior

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    No virus for me either, maybe having 3 firewalls and a router helps.
  10. paulhbell

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    Rick, I have run full virus scans and found nothing on my computer, I have also run spyware and adware remove software and found nothing wrong. I also have 2 firewall programs running. So I have just tried the link again and came up with the same thing, and norton scans a file that is downloaded from the site and removes it from my computer. Which version of norton are you running, I have 2006 with autoprotect switched on.
    I can use the link with no other problems.

    I have never had this from any other web site that I have visited and my computer is uaually connected to the internet approx 18 hours per day.
  11. Zathros

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    I personally would not run 2 Firewalls because of the potential conflicts. Norton should ask you to turn off your XP Firewall. I rely on Norton's Firewall exclusively and have had no problems, for years.

    Re: Paper Sculptor, Seems kind of pricey to me even though it is really nice looking.
  12. paulhbell

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    Sorry, just checked, windows firewall is off. I am only using norton's firewall as the above post.
  13. lizzienewell

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    It looks as if the artist is making resin castings and then embossing the paper over the castings. Calling this "multiple originals" seems a bit euphamistic or at least oxymoronic. I'd like to figure out embossing. I think part of the success may be from using cotton rag paper.

  14. Gil

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    Paper Casting...,

    It appears that the artist is using a paper casting technique instead of embossing. He's using the resin casts to preserve the originals for further reproduction. Pulp used for paper casting is generally cotton rag or linters with the addition of kaolin clay (china clay) to make the paper smoother and more opaque.

  15. rickstef

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    interesting, i just took a look at the source code of the page

    there is a whole bunch of extra URL's tacked on at the end of the page.

    lots of drug and porn and other types of spam, they are linked to the bottom bar of th page, you can highlight it, and let your mouse hoover over the bar to see the URLs

  16. B-Manic

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    Very interesting - not really consistent with the site content - however if you were able to see the source code the site has little or no security and may have been hacked.
  17. paper warrior

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    Anyone can see source code, even I the SC of Seeing the source has nothing to do with security.
  18. rickstef

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    viewing source code is easy, just go to view and select source,
    you can't right click though, prevents ripping of graphics.

    you can do a view source on this site too if you so choose

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