fanny thing :)

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by yaniv, Jun 26, 2005.

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    No translation on that one!

    Good find, Yaniv...hehehe
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    i going to tray it this summer :)
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    In Poland there was this "do-it-yourself" guy - kind of like Norm Abram from "This Old House". He had a TV show where he showed all the two-left-handers how to build things. He also had step-by-step books. The image is made to look like a page from one of those do-it-yourself books. It shows you how to build a self-propelled model airplane. This one has subtitles in Russian - originally it was in Polish.
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    no i dont ass i say in the start i tack it from some israeli forum
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    Hello Yaniv...
    That's the problem with the english language...... written things can mean so many different things...
    I didn't mean "Did you get it from here?" ... I just meant ... here is some more stuff on the subject..... Investigate further, if you wish.

    It seems to me that I have seen info on this before.... model planes powered by flys.... glued to the wings!!!

    "For what it is worth!!!"


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