Fanfilm Axanar under attack

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by ARMORMAN, Jan 2, 2016.

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    I think Paper modeling of Star Trek models does more than these fan films. At least you end up with something tangible. I have to honestly say that I find most of these fan films lacking, and have never watched one more than once. On a lot of them I couldn't watch more than 5 minutes worth. Then the horrid continuity of "The Next Generation", yet that's the only one that is ever shown on T.V., and they never show "Deep Space 9" or "Voyager" in syndication, which were far better, I just didn't care about Troi or the doctor's sex lives, and all the other barf episodes, or "Wesley's" pimple faced teen angst. People watch new Star Trek movies because they are new. Would you go see a new "Next Generation" motion picture?. That's one I'd wait to watch on T.V..

    The "new" Battlestar Galactica" could never be compared to any "Star Trek" series, as it was serious, had continuity, and had a real beginning and end. The episodic nature of Star Trek, the cheesy special affects, damn, even the Jupiter II from "Lost in Space", sliding on two wires was more effective showing it moving throw the atmosphere. How come the "TNG" episodes never had any vehicles? They would show some guy carrying a huge box on a single ended lift, presumably held up by gravity, but they always landed, and had to walk, beam down a couple of Vespas, shoop out the wheels, Voila!! A couple of mountain bikes would have even been better!

    These shows really aren't as great as you remember them, it's just there was nothing else on T.V. Each series had some many stupid nonsensical episodes, and the continuity was unbearable. They had their moments, but even those fall apart under closer inspection. My 2 cents worth. The Axanar guys got themselves "Axed" and blew it for everyone else.
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    THAT is something I fully agree with. :)

    We had a hard time in Germany regarding this, too. Now a small private station is airing DS9 again. I recorded all the good episodes (and there are MANY good episodes), however, they still refuse to show the long version of "Way of the Warrior". That was aired only ONCE. :(

    IMO the BEST episodes of TNG are "Q Who" and "Best of Both Worlds", followed by "Yesterday's Enterprise". In fact, I would say that "BoBW" is one of the best episodes of a TV show E-V-E-R. It turned me into a fan. :)

    I think the TNG movies are lacking something. I don't know what but they never lived up to the qualities of the TV show. The only ones I really like are "First Contact" and "Nemesis". However, none of them surpasses the show and the movie adventures of the classic crew (especially ST 2, 4 & 6).

    What about these:


    :D ;)
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    Funny that Suzuki's 1983 Katana had some vague similarities. I almost purchased this bike, but the engine had 17 less horsepower than mine. A beautiful bike, the fairing and seat/side covers were designed in Germany. My bike (GS750ES) has a full floating mono-shock suspension, anti-dive front forks, weighed 40 lbs less and had 17 more horsepower and 16 inch front wheel, which would kill a novice rider, but is like a scalpel, slicing the roads ,in the hands of a skilled rider, like a skilled surgeon, slicing his way through. My GS750ES does things I could never getaway with on other motorcycles, Still have and ride it, since 1983. ;)

    These TV shows could have incorporated wheeled vehicles, as most societies they visited would have had them, it could have made the plots more open to variability, instead of the sandy, road-less settlements they always landed near, and had to walk 5 miles to get through. I agree with your TNG analysis. One of Voyager's best was "The year from Hell", with the "Krenim" time machine. DS-9 had a beginning and end, which makes in so worthy of syndication.

    You can see the cylinder head from the dirt bike they based on the BSG motorcycle on, though I would not fly on such a thing without some kind of harness to hold me on, and a ballistic recovery parachute!!

    Bates made a very similar fairing for street motorcycles back then. ;)


    Katana 750, a beautiful, highly collectible motorcycle.

    1983 GS750ES w/ rare fairing lowers, I purchased the only set I have ever seen.
    GS750ES w rare lower fairing, (I have these!).jpg
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    So, not to protect the "intelectual" rights, just the revenue from the merch. Should have guessed....
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    Deep Space 9 just started airing, and in sequence, YAY!!! :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::Bravo:thumbsup:fireguy::mooner:
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    GREAT! I hope they will air the uncut version of "The Way Of The Warrior" (90 minutes TV movie). It was shown only once on German TV. After its premiere debut they decided to show the two part version only (2x 44 minutes incl. a 5 minutes summary making a total of about 83 minutes = 7 minutes cut out... ). BTW, all Star Trek shows should be available on Netflix soon. :)

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