Fallout Vertibird

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    I don't think it went anywhere. I remember 5 years ago seeing this, and that was it. Nothing else afterwards. To be honest, that model has too many facets in places where they are not needed. Sometimes round things should be round, not small polygons. I think it is a product of the older software back then. Pepakura has trouble with wheels. I see this in many of the cars that are made. :)
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    If you have Fallout 3 and are willing..PM me and I can give you the details on how to snag your own from the game..or there are many tutorials online that are available! It's not that hard, but once you have the mesh you really have to work on it..deleting,,smoothing ..and the like before you ever import into pepukura if that's what you intend to use,,as you will then spend DAYS trying to reassemble the myriad of tiny fragments scattered around into something that you can print out and construct..I don't understand, why the guy didn't go ahead and do the textures at the same time as it is only a minor step and helps a lot finding edges and such.... Vertibird.jpg Image shows what happens with-out any PRE-WORK on the mesh, in the R side you can see the mess that is unfolded..
    Really pepakura is only good for REALLY simple meshes and they will always look jagged.. but in the case of the wheels..use the texture and make the wheels from scratch the way they should look...use pepakura for your basic forms and scratch build the rest!

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