Fallen Bridges

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    This is the old Milwaukee Road trestle going past the town of Tekoa WA, located 40 miles south of Spokane. The Tekoa (pronounced Tee Ko) website states...


    This very large black trestle is still standing, and is a local landmark. You can see it in the panoramic photo on our home page. When the railroad pulled it's tracks out of Tekoa, it was planning to dismantle the trestle, but residents protested and it stayed. Travelers heading south on Highway 27, before they enter the town, must still pass under it. This photo was taken in 1908.

    My wife and I were down there last night and enjoyed this view leaving town.

    Setting Sun on a Fallen Railroad

    In His Service,
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    That is really a great photo.

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    cool,good to see your town wants the RR history. :thumb: great photo too --josh

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