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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by BobbyDing, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Has Anybody done any modelling for fall colors? I'm about to start a new layout and want to tilt towards the fall season. Putting the trees aside for now (way down the road) I'm thinking about the landscaping/turf colors and materials. Does anybody have any hints and/or pics that might help me?


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  3. Wabash Banks

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    For a good fall scene you have to decide exactly WHEN in the fall the scene is.... Early fall still has 95% of the green from summer except for the trees starting to change.

    Peek tree color occurs with green lawns, some plants will still be green, but tall grasses and such with have turned a rich gold color. Many tall grasses have brugandy's and maroons in their stem color as well. You don't say what scale you are working in....but, assuming it isn't N....you would see quite a few seed pods on plants. Many plants would be brown on the tips and green in the middle portion of the plant. Mums would be in bloom as well. A few sunflowers may still be in bloom. A vegetable garden would have a pile of spent plants piled up waiting to be burnt. If you want to get the plant foliage right, look for pictures onthe internet of what the plant looks like in the fall. Day lilies for example have a stem that will be totally tan but the rest of the plant will be fully green.

    Late fall would have leaves all over the ground, lawn would still be some green, but quite a bit of brown as well.
    The vast majority of plants, except for those with a lot of shelter, would have gone dormant. A few remaining green and even blooming plants should be left in the shadows of a building where they are protected.

    All in all, since I am an avid gardener as well, I think a lot of this tends to be over looked by modelers. The fall scenes are good, but especially in larger scales, could be more convincing with some of these pointers. I plan on tackling a good potion of this in N scale since it is possible as well. HO scale static grass should make a good N scale day lily. a few strands of tall N scale dead grass cut to lentgh and you have a realistic N scale day lily.

    If you have any more questions I will be happy to help and give any advice I can!
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    Hi Bobby!
    Welcome to The Gauge! :)

    I built an N scale layout a couple of years ago that had fall scenery...I used Woodland Scenics Fall Foliage, but I thought it was a little too "bright" for my taste, so I cut all the colors with Burnt Green foliage by mixing them in a blender...Another thing I would suggest is to include a lot of green trees, since not all trees turn at the same time...I like to put quite a few bare trees in the mix also...
  5. BobbyDing

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    WOW. Thanks guys,
    Lots of great picks and helpful suggestions. I'll give you a picture of what I'm working with. Sorry this is so long.

    After years of waffling with large scale stuff I finally came out of the cloud I was in and realized that I don't have the space or $$$ to do a large scale setup that I would like. Also, my kids (2 boys, 7 & 8) are finally at the age where they want to start doing hobbies with me. So I sold most of the G stuff (keeping a couple favorite items, like a set of LGB anniversary trolley's, their real pretty) and began searching for a scale I can afford and mostly, that my boys can get into as well. I had a large HO layout when I was a kid till my dad made me tear it down so he could use the space for a wood shop (what a guy!!). So I have some experience with HO scale, and also some N stuff. Of the two, I like the N stuff better. But I have a problem now with both N and HO. My eyes. I can no longer see well enough to do real tiny models, etc...Then this Christmas the boys got the Lionel Polar Express set, and they really enjoyed it after I brought down from the attic the two Lionel sets that were my fathers when he was a kid. Since we had these sets already, and I can actually see the darn things, I dicided to give O scale a shot as my new layout. That in mind I have constructed a 12' x 7' table on wheels in the garage. There will be a single line of G track around the outside for the G trolley I have (probably just for Christmas time runs), then a couple 3 rail O mainlines (Atlas O, I don't really like the lionel type track) circling around just inside the G track with some switching between the two mainlines. Then I plan to fill in the large area in the middle with On30. I have always liked the narrow gauge stuff, and since Bachmann offers some very reasonable On30 stuff, I figured this would be my chance to try my hand at that too. So it's going to be a true mix of gauges. My challenge will be to make the O and On30 work together, at least astetically. I think I can get the On30 tracks to look similar to the atlas O stuff (except for that danged 3rd rail). I have in mind a logging (or mining) area where the On30 stuff transitions it's loads (ore or logs) to the 3 rail O stuff and visa versa. Hopefully this type of thing will tie the two together and they won't look so out of place on the same layout.

    Which brings me around to the theme. I don't have any particular road name in mind, so It'll be a fictional railway. I was going to make it a winter layout, but since it's in the garage and will pick up lots of dust, I opted instead for a fall layout, where some dust might actually help the overall look. Besides that, the Fall ( and especially Halloween) is my favorite season. I'm hoping to have some homes with flickering jack-o-lanterns out front, and of course a big'ol haunted house nearby. It'll be a challenge in that I want it to look realistic, not cheesy.

    I have a lot of ideas, but little experience of talent to pull it off. Which is why I posted the request for hints on doing fall scenes. This weekend I'll be starting to lay the outer roadbed and trackage. The initial bedding was 1/2" foam sheeting from Home Depot. Then I came across their 1/4" yellow sheets, that, when the outer paper is pulled off, is quite imperfect. I mean, not perfectly flat. Which I think may make the perfect rolling landscape. So I'll be laying the 1/4" rolling foam on top of the 1/2" foam.

    OK, I think I've bored you folks enough. Please post any more tricks, hints and/or suggestions for a fall layout. I will need all the help I can get!! HA!

  6. Russ Bellinis

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    One other thing to remember is that evergreens don't change color in the fall or winter, and they don't go dormant like diciduous (spelling?) trees do. It may be appropriate to have some pine trees mixed in with the oaks, maples, birches, aspens or other fall trees.

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