Fairey Battle?

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  1. Hello. Has there ever been a 1/33 model of a Fairey Battle made? I would prefer one that carries markings from 12 sqn, which carried out the fateful attack at Albert Canal. Any info/reviews would be appreciated.

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    There is also downloadable model in 1/48 scale at www.e-papermodels.com, but it costs 7.50 euro. Dunno about quality, buildability etc.
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    The 1/48 scale model was designed by Gabriel Panait , I think, it is a neat little kit in 1/48 but is pretty basic, no formers except a wing spar, 2 pages of basic parts and one of a CAD drawing with part numbers. There was one that is out of print by Modelarstwo in 1/33 scale and is better detailed and has rudimentary cockpits and rear position. I never built either but if you can pick up the 1/33 scale one it does seem to be better detailed. The kit was @ like Malys kits of the early 90s, Reasonable colors and paper quality, a little rough in texture but not to "burlap" like. The author I believe was Bogdan Dams and Kazimier Madej, don't hold me to that I think the words Opracowanie Grafica Modelu means author(s).

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