Fairey Battle in small scale

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by NOBI, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Ashrunner

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    Personally, I also like the smaller scale. Generally I print my models at 1:100 scale to build. Takes a lot of printings to finish a model. 8v)

    However, NOBI, since your models are digital, taking a 1:48 scale kit and printing at 66.66 percent will give a scale of 1:72nd for those who want it smaller than released. For me, I selected 1:100 because it is simple. A 1:48 scale kit prints at 48 percent for 1:100 8v)

    And that, to me, is greatest advantage of a digital model.


    P.S. I am working on my fourth printing of three models, third printing of four models and sixth printing of one model. One of these days I may be able finish one. 8v)
  2. lunarhighway

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    I build most models in 1/72 scale... occasionally 1/48 scale. a lot of my 1/72 scale builds are scaled down from 1/48 of 1/33, and appart for some details that become to fiddly and the omission of some structural pieces and joint strips, i find that these downscales usually go very well.
    that said i think small scales are underrepresented in the paper world, so i wouldnt mind seeing some smaller models appear from time to time

    anyway just some of my thoughts on the matter
  3. Bluenoser

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    This scaling business sounds like it might be a good subject for a poll.
  4. nebeltex

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    i have found that 1/72 is a good "median" scale for design. easy to scale up (add your own detail) or down (leave a few tiny parts out). good to know many others like the scale too.
  5. NOBI

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    I'm not update Fairey Battle for a long time because we have 60th aniversary celebration for our king majesty...celebration still not finish yet but I must go back to work...so I will post an update picture of my Fairey Battle...first picture is an unfold job what I decide to make 2 different scale in 1 kit, 1/72 and 1/48. Arrange all parts into 2 different paper size, A4 and Letter. Second picture is a testbuild picture, everything go very well and I use very small time to get that result. kit will available soon :p



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