Fairchild AU-23 A Peacemaker

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    I was very lucky once whenI met a young pilot, who kindly invited me to witness the BETA flight, which this airplane use for attacking and dropping bomb when performing the manuvering. It was quite impressed to have that honor opportunity to be the passenger in this plane and witness the attaking air exercise.

    Only Thailand and the Royal Thai Air Force operating this turboprop coin plane, which once CIA, Air America and the USAF used this aircraft before donating them to us. With its strong airframe, today we use it almost 40 years after the Vietnam war.

    Wing 53 now operating this airplane and it is a wonderful airplane when it flied in the air. announce1

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  2. Zathros

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    These aircraft are phenomenal. They are capable of some very scary maneuvers! Is this model of yours available?

    This is what I call a steep climb!!:)

  3. Zathros

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    I think this may have been an experimental. These planes came in all flavors when it came to engines and details. :)
  4. chaiwat kosatanakom

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    Modification of this airplane is very slow in my point of view. Originally made by Pilatus as PC-6 code name then develop by Fairchild for COIN (Counter -Insurgency) and utility purposes during the Vietnam war. Today, its modification with new engine and propellers which currently use by my department of agricultural for rain making purpose.

    If you notice carefully, you will see a round ball under the fuselage of the plane. This modification is to install infrared heat seeking equipment under its belly for surveillance purpose.

    I saw once this aircraft in a French movie, which it flied with Mirage 2000. That movie is good for both photographic and the details of the jet.

    It's quite interesting to hear a good news from Zathros and I hope that soon my airplane will go colorful worldwide.

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