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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by SuperSport, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    Hello, I got an S scale SW9 that I want to detail and paint in the
    CN orange/black and CN noodle. The model is a SHS SW9
    and I've soaked it in Oven Cleaner, (which I've had great success
    with stripping the AM GP9 with!) but this SW9 just won't give up the factory paint. Any products at the hobby store any one can recommend?

    Joe B
  2. narrowsteam

    narrowsteam New Member

    Brake fluid stripper

    Regular brake fluid in a glass jar usually works for me...
  3. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    Ok, I'll see if I have any in the garage, been years since
    I tried the brake fluid thing...


  4. TR-Flyer

    TR-Flyer Member

    Call Don Thompson @ SHS. He recommended a paint remover to me, but i've forgotten what it was and can't find the note just now. He was very helpful and gave me a coupel hints about removal of the shell. Said to be very careful with the "glass" he didn't have any more spares for the SW1200 (my unit) but gave me some ideas on how to deal with it if i goofed up. Tried to find an unpainted unit so he could swap it out for my RIo Grande so i wouldn't have to strip it but he was sold out at the time.

    Haven't started the project yet so can't tell you how it turned out.

    On the Yahoo S-Trains forum, they also talked aoubt using a stong solution of Mr. Clean or Top Job as a paint remover for old Flyer equipment.

    Best of luck,
  5. SuperSport

    SuperSport Member

    Hi Ted thanks for the info, I did post this there but I don't know if my post went into cyber space or no responses. Yes I had a bear of a time getting this model apart, "in one piece" but there were
    some casualties, a broken tab or snapped light bulb wire and the
    glass is permantley glued unless I really force it out but it
    will break no doubt. The odd thing is I thought they really "over engineered" this SW9 when I finaly did get it apart, no need to glue the weight/wires or windows but it's just my opinion. Mind you I think its a fantastic SW9 I've seen in any scale. I've got some Koh-i-noor for cleaning airbrushes, technical pens etc from my studio days so I'll try soaking the cab first to see if that will work. Brake fluid is next, I've had one model "melt" on me all the details soften up and went round, it was a HO Atlas GP7, luckily I was able to order a shell from the hobby store.
    thanks for your help

  6. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    I've used Tide laundry soap in hot water for stripping Lionel shells. Also I've heard about ELO that is available in hobby shops. ELO is Easy Lift Off. SHS also just had a new shipment of SW9's arrive and may have an undecorated shell now.


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