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  1. crates

    crates New Member

    hey all

    im currently making scenery for necromunda pretty much all out of printed textures glued to a foam core base. wich is fine for large boxes peices of terrain.

    to make the games more visually interesting and to give the setting more character im looking to add some machinery or turbines.

    does anyone know of any free models of such?

    any help would be great thanks, i'll post some links here if i find any myself.
  2. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    I've seen quite a bit of machine models in the past. The ones I can remember most were those of an old generator (I think that'll be perfect), and an industrial robot. I'll give ya the links when I find 'em.

    --Bryan "Opposite over Adjacent" Tan
  3. crates

    crates New Member

    Thanks those sound perfect.

    I've made a board section with three bays for turbines/generators and if you could find that model it would save a load of time making them from scratch.

    Cheers for the reply.

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