fact or fiction with insulfrogs

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by wickman, Apr 9, 2006.

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    Hi Folks
    I was down in Toronto over the week end and one of the hobby shop guys had said something to me I thought kinda strange .He had commented that it is better to use the peco electra frogs compared to the peco insulfrogs because over time the points would get dirty and what would happen is the sound in the dcc decoder equiped locomotive would cut out as it went over the insul frogs because of the bad point contact,Where as the electra frog peco would never give this problem.
    1 So have any of use that have had insul frog pecos ever came across this problem.
    2 If this is a problem that happens down the road is there a way to over come this perhaps by running power wires to the frog?
    3 What is the purpose for making an insul frog compared to a electra frog why not just make one or the other?
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    Insulfrog usually means a plastic frog, so you can't retrofit the turnout to live-frog configuration.
    Insulfrog turnouts need simpler wiring - no worrying about short circuits. (Some insulfrog power-routing turnouts have been sold, and some commercial ones can be modified to do this.) Live-frog turnouts are power-routing, and short-wheelbase engines run better over them as they can maintain better electrical pickup.
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    Check out information at Loys Toys for complete discussion:


    I use Peco Insulfrogs on my small switching layout--lots of stop, start, very slow speed over the turnouts--have never had a problem. Most important is quality loco with all wheel pickup and clean track and wheels. Peco turnouts are excellent in my opinion.


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