Facia width?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SD90, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. SD90

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    How wide do most of you make your facia? I was thinking about 5" or 6" ? Do you put the facia on first then cut the profile, or cut it first and make the scenery form to it? Pictures?! Thanks!

  2. billk

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    I'd think the width would depend on if you intend to mount any controls on it and how high the scenery is, among other things.
    The scenery should determine the profile af the fascia, whether you cut the fascia before the scenery is in place or not.
    Of course, if you cut the fascia first, then you have pretty much locked yourself into what the scenery is. so I would do the scenery first, then cut the fascia to fit.
  3. Matthyro

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    This will give you some idea of what I have done Mike. The average is 8 inches with some cut downs for rivers or creeks which I did after installing the facia. The facia is all 1/8th inch masonite.

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  4. Ralph

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    I try to rough out scenary prior to installing fascia. This view from several months ago shows the varied sizes of fascia I've used from 6 inches on the right side to 16 inches on the left. The left side is so much larger because it houses a hidden loop of track. (yep, I have provided easy access panels). Ignore the ski machine in the middle of the room. I found a better location for it! :)

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  5. 60103

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    My layout is pretty flat, so the scenery bit doesn't come into it much. My wife put up a "border" of, first, 2 1/2" felt paper strip (green), later a 6" strip of tartan cloth.
    There is one point here there is substantial change in level. The edge of the scenery there is above the border. In fact, at that point it is covered with stone patterned paper.

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