F6F-3 Hellcat, 1:33, Halinski 3-4/2000

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rlwhitt, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Just beautiful! An awesome looking build! First rate!

    Like John said, this baby belongs under glass!

  2. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Thanks all for the way-too-nice compliments and for the encouragement during the dard days! It all really means a great deal - more than you can imagine. Next build I hope to be a little more careful in the critical stages. It's way too expensive to buy duplicate kits! :grin:

  3. Prowler901

    Prowler901 Member

    Oops, my previous comments were based on the Wildcat (F4F) performance. Please by all means tear up the sky with your Hellcat pitted against a Zero. Hellcats were truly hell for the Zero pilots.

    Great build Rick. I learned a lot watching it.

  4. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    cough............cough.......... downloadable models............cough:grin:

    Maybe one day Halinski will offer this.............no please don't tie me to a stake and light it..............:grin:

    But hey........... this IS the 21st Century! Weren't we all supossed to be flying to work by now?

  5. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    John, this is something I really wish the established vendors would consider. Surely the technology side would not be the problem, as they do these things on computers now. It would be a lot cheaper for them and and a great boon for the customer.

    Obviously, they are rightly worried about piracy, though it's easy enough to get a scanned version and print it, albeit at lower quality.

    I'm not holding my breath. These are companies that can't even manage to distribute INSTRUCTIONS in electronic form! ;)


  6. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member


    Hi rlwhitt,

    my congratulations to this outstanding build, cardmodeling at it´s best.......

    best regards FLU
  7. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Yeah I totally agree, Michael at Gremir has worked out a solution that seems to work for him. And it took me a awhile to get over that part of it, but I have not had anything but a good experience with both him and the models he sells.

    Since this hobby has now become a world wide thing......... remember the where are you post?, it seems that the larger polish companies like GPM would look into this. I mean we still order the books but postage now has really become an issue for some people. They could make the book available and still offer a download for the people in other countries.

    I mean I would pay a little more for a downloadable model, as long as it cheaper to download and not sent by post!

    I just ordered a model and the postage was more than the kit.:cry:

    I love Halinski's models and the builds y'all have done prove they are tops............. but I've got this thing about cutting up books. Something that came from my Mom, and it's just something I can't over-come just yet.

    Yeah I know....... I'm weird............. but it's just that to me books ARE something special and it's all books, even though these are designed for cutting up it still a book in my mind.

    I remember being a kid....... I mean 3 - 4 years old. I got one of my Dad's Navy Cruise Books and torn it up........ ripped pages scribbled on the ones I left in, not good. My mom didn't yell or scream at me she sat down and explain what books are, what they can do for you. How important they are to society. And explained all the stuff that happened with the book burnings and stuff not so long ago.

    Now mind you I'm maybe 3 years old........ and I got it. Been with me ever since, heck you should have seen my school books, look good as new at the end of the school year.

    You know what........ I've still got that Cruise book.......... torn and scribbled on, momma never tossed it away. And I even used it for refrence on some models............ Dad served mostly on carriers and from 1955 on so all of his cruise books got great plane pictures, with hard to find close up details....

    Wow........ sorry for the long post............Maybe one day I get over it............. or I'll just invest in a bigger scanner:grin:

  8. josve

    josve Active Member

    Very enjoyable thread of a great build!!

    I'm glad you didnt give up after the......error :)
    I'd done the same thing!

    And now I have to order this one too....my pile of models is rising....
  9. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Yes, this download model does seem to have merits. I know it might be a pain when you switch computers, but someone as responsive as Michael should make that a non-issue. Larger companies, maybe a problem....

    Same here. Heck, I just paid double for this one to get extra parts! Now maybe that won't be such a likely problem in the future as I progress, but it sure is nice to have that reprint safety net to fall back on!

    Heh, I felt the same way! These books are just too pretty to cut up! I thought at first it'd be possible to scan and use the copy, but I quickly learned that's not an option. Oh well....

  10. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Thanks! And I know the feeling. I've just started buying and I've already got an unmanagable pile!
  11. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Cogratulations on that Hellcat, Rick!

    I was thinking on the visitors in a contest or similar show, they would be amazed to learn this is paper. I am, for one.

    Thank you!
  12. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Hey Chris!

    This thread is just fresh out of the oven, is it going to be in the reserves?

    I hope so. It's awesome.

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