F6F-3 Hellcat, 1:33, Halinski 3-4/2000

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    This is a pic of what you have looking from the rear of the sections to the front. If you see that the endcap has some induced torsion you can remove the rear endcap and re-align it.


    Same sections but viewed from an angle. This shows how you have misaligned the endcaps. I looked at it and it jumped right out at me.

    The result was that when you mated the parts together they are going to naturally hit at an angle rather than abutt each other.

    Try it. It's not like you have anything to lose if you have already set in motion a remodeling of this part.

    I think I learned something from this to watch out for though. I want to try planes eventually. *glances at 4 Maty Modelarz books recently ebay purchased*
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    Yes, We Have No Bananas...

    The fuselage rebuild is complete! And it turned out much better even than I expected. The results:

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    Instructions? Who Needs Em...

    Yes, it does help to follow instructions to get the sequence right, at least when you're a newbie. The first kit came from papermodelstore and the english instructions never did show up. The replacement kit from PMI has them, and what a difference a proper sequence makes!

    I think the trouble basically started ahead of the front of the cockpit with the former that has the foreward wing spar slot. The way things looked I though you had to glue the former to the front of the cockpit structure and then wrap that section of skin on! Long story short that former was not aligned right and the whole thing spiraled downhill from there.

    The pic below shows the end result of the proper sequence, putting the former into the completed forward 2 skin sections, using a wing spar to make sure it's aligned just so.

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    Next they instruct you to build the rear section from the tail end forward. Here all bits are cut with the sections shaped, glued together, and glue strips installed.

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    Rearmost section, with rear former and the rest of the tailwheel mount stuff, ready to go in.

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    Excellent!!! I am also very glad to hear that PMI sends english instructions (for future purchases)
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    Then, the next section is attached, and then its rear former stuffed down inside, taking care to align all center marks. This former here also forms the front of the tailwheel mount.

    It helps to draw a line at the fuse section centers on the inside. They provide a template for doing this.

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    And so on with all sections, finishing with the part that wraps around the cockpit.

    Now that you have the front and rear sections, you basically trap the cockpit in between while joining the 2 together.

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    The finished product. Done correctly this time, I was amazed at the tight fit of all the joints. That Halinski magic I guess...

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    Not only that Chris, but the ship speed was simply astounding! I ordered Friday night, it showed up via Priority Mail on Monday! All the way across the US!

    Papermodelstore also ships quickly, but they appear uninterested if you want english instructions, which is odd as they are in Chicago. Their packing is sort of haphazard as well.

    To round out vendors I've dealt with so far, Hobby Factory provides English instructions (these are nicer, appear to have come from Halinski themselves), and their packing is so good it's almost overkill. But he sort of has an odd idea about when he ought to get around to shipping things, plus mail from CAN to USA is a bit slower.

    (EDIT) This whole english instruction thing appears to only apply to Halinski. The couple of GPM kits I ordered from Hobby Factory did not have them.

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    Man that fuselage looks great!

    Not much to say, but I'm sorta stuned at the difference......... I do applaude you for going on...........mine would been wadded up and tossed with the trash.............no wait...........must work on patients...............must work on patients.............screw it............. I'd a tossed it.:cry:
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    Most excellant! what a differance a little perseverence makes!
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    A quick question. Did you order from PMI by online/email or another means? I have tried to contact them using the email address on the website, and the message is returned. Any info is appreciated.

  14. rlwhitt

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    Online, worked fine - hey, a rhyme! ;)

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    Beautiful job gettin' her squared away! Between watching your build thread and watching the History channel's new show Dogfights, I'm itchin' to start building Navy and Marine Corp WWII aircraft. Keep up the great work!

  16. rlwhitt

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    I'd think PMI would be really fast to you - aren't they right in your backyard?


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    I live about 125 miles southeast of Lou's operation. It takes three days for any order to get to me. I figure it's the mountains in between. hehe

    rlwhitt...great looking build so far. I have one Halinski kit in my stack of models and I don't even look at it. I would never be able to cut the parts with the precision required to build the model effectively.
  18. rlwhitt

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    Aw, give it a try - they almost cut themselves! :grin:

  19. rlwhitt

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    Airframe coming together!

    Here we have the completed empanage. Carl was right - the fit of stuff in here is marvelous!

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    A tail wheel:

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