F4 J PHANTOM - AH 1:33

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Tad, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Tad

    Tad Member

    Hi to Everybody,
    I'm new here and probably wont be an often visitor, but now wanted to share with some photos of my newest work - Phantom F4 J from publisher A. Haliński (paper, scale 1:33). Pictures can be found here:

    Plane was built exactly 1 month and 1 day but rather intensive. I think that added about 20% unneeded job due to mistakes, wrong instruction and valorization.
    Opinions and questions welcomed (polish, english, a bit of spanish).

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Tad,

    Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have ya here.
    Thats a great looking build, and we would all love to see more of your work, I think you will find yourself here abit more than you think, this site is addictive lol.
    But seriously if you have other models we'd all love to see them.
    Again, welcome to the forum and have a good day,

    Greg (GW)
  3. Tad

    Tad Member

    Thanks Geedubbya - after a short time of thinking decided to show litle more of my planes. At least it's part of pleasure of building them. Let's say one a day will be just enough. Tomorrow I'll show my F 86 Sabre from Fly Model.
    I'm a member of polish forum 'Kartonwork' - that's why don't wont to participate here so often.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy again Tad,

    Well, I know what you mean, I am a member of the polish site also, and I dont get there as often as I should either, for me it is the language barrier that prevents me from posting. I know that alot of peopl speak english but I dont speak a lick of polish or any other language lol.
    But, Like I said, we are glad to have you here and we do look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Have a good day,

    Greg (GW)
  5. bholderman

    bholderman Member

    Wow, thats paper?!

    As a kid that was always my favorite fighter.

  6. Prowler901

    Prowler901 Member

    That's just plane awesome! Good work Tad :) Looking forward to seeing your other work here. Thanks for sharing.

  7. barry

    barry Active Member


    As near perfection as anyone is likely to get.

    Are the belly tank and nose radome sanded and sprayed ?

  8. Tad

    Tad Member

    Thank you everybody for nice words.
    The plane has a lot of mistakes (like the shape of the intakes e.g.), but not all depend on me - shape of intakes is a matter of rather bad project. On polish forum I said that this project is the best about details nad camouflage, but two projects from publisher GPM let to built much better fuselage.
    The nose was built again after that the first was bad painted. No sanding, just painting with glue 'wikol' (to stick and hardened paper) and then common paint. The tank was painted with withe matt humbroll nr 34 (twice) and than with varnish used normally to wood in closed rooms. I wanted to get this polish yellowy (is this word correct?) colour - to me it's better than just white.
    Generaly tried to paint as less as possible - just nose, gears, tank and rockets. Just learning about painting - soon I will show some painting job on P 47 actually built.
    Sorry for incorrect language,
  9. jcrespo

    jcrespo Member


    Thanks for sharing your work with us. Beautiful build!!! Looks like you can get into it and fly off.

    Don't worry about your English. You are doing fine. In fact, a lot better than if I were trying to write this in Polish.


  10. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Outstanding job. Like GW said welcome and can't wait to see more of your work.
  11. tino

    tino Member

    Welcome and great work.
    You can put here pictures every time you want and we thank for that.

    Diamantino Mateus

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