F15c maybe??

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  1. F15c Design And Build Report...

    The following thread is about my Re-make of the F15c from Modelart. This model kit was originally released in 1/32 scale and as a digital download.I think?

    I plan to re-scale it up to 1/24 scale and maybe add some more detail.

    Software Used:-

    Adobe Acrobat
    Adobe Illustrator


    I have the original document open in adobe acrobat,then i use adobe Illustrator to open the page with the part on that i am re-scaling. Using object selection to select all the seperate parts of a part(does that make sense?)i move them all away from the rest of the parts so i can do a group selection,next i cut and paste to a new document and the re-scale to 125% (i think that makes it 1/24 instead of the original 1/32?).

    Some of the parts will not fit on to A4 so these parts have to be broke down and edited to fit (1 part becoming 2),then its just a case of keep saving all the time so as not to loose progress, and also try to get as many parts to the sheet as i can..

    Print :-

    I have an epson stylus DX4850 fitted with a "continuous ink system" fitted to it (no worries about running out). All parts will be printed on standard printer paper then mounted on card as and when required.

    The Build:-

    I will be following the written and pictorial instructions supplied with the original kit, also i will be refering to various pictures from the net just for a bit more reference.and the rest will be luck and commen sense lol.

    To Be Continued........... I hope?sign1
  2. dansls1

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    Sounds like it'll be fun to watch ;)
  3. Elliott

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    Wish you better luck on this one. Sounds interesting!

    Elliott :mrgreen:
  4. okies quick update....

    after printing all the formers for the main wing part , i then stuck them all onto 1mm card (the original was .5mm)

    the picture added shows all the parts ready for me to start building.....

    quick tip:-

    ive always found when making formers i.e glueing paper to card, they always seem to end up bowing like bananas lol.... finally found the solution ...

    i made reverse prints of all the formers and glued them to the reverse of what i had already made .... suprisingly this process brings the formers back to flat ... yay !!! lol

    To Be Continued ......

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  5. Yet another update after a few hours .....

    as you can see from the photo i have most of the main wing frame done.
    Because i have scaled it up from the original ive added some extra corner bracing (red arrows) these were made simply by making a 10mm*10mm square and cutting it diagnal to make the brace.

    when i get the frame finished i will post another pic ...

    maybe in the meantime you could compare my build with another on this forum , if you search for "f15c" like i did its there lol.....

    spot the size difference lol

    To Be continued ....... I Hopesign1

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  6. Mark_1984

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    Good luck with this one - I'm looking forward to it ;)
  7. Have finished the main wing frame and have now started on the skin.... crap its big!!sign1 see photo....

    also is a pic of my other current build ... will finish it oneday lol only cost me £2 sign1

    To Be Continued....... I Hopesign1

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  8. ml5716111

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    About 10 years ago, I started building this kit in 1/16 scale while still in NYC. That was one huge thing. I completed the fuselage from the cockpit forward, one air intake and one vertical fin. Continued with the under-wing fuselage parts, and than had to abandon it, because we returned back to Israel. The copy shop near my job, made a fortune from this project :rolleyes:

  9. NYC Irish

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    When I lived in NYC I too built the kit at scale 1/20, I printed each sheet out on 13 x 19 inch paper and it still all fit excellently, Great kit i really enjoyed it


    John John
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    can you help me mak one?

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