F1 engine

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by PaperAir, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    Here are some of the build photos Picture 25.jpg

    Picture 26.jpg

    Picture 27.jpg

    Picture 28.jpg

    Picture 29.jpg

    Picture 30.jpg
  2. CardStalker

    CardStalker Member

    PaperAir, glad to see someone doing a build report on this great model. Wanted to do one myself, just haven't hade the time. Keep going budy, my best to you.
  3. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    i wouldn,t want to fly it but its pretty good Picture 31.jpg

    Picture 32.jpg

    Picture 33.jpg

    Picture 34.jpg
  4. gpw

    gpw Member


    it´s great to see your build report. I have already build this model several month ago, it is a fantastic design. I will follow your thread with large interest.

  5. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing. :)
  6. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    thank you for all your kind words.a little trouble with the roundness but 110 card stock is not too giving. the eagle did not make the recint move . Picture 38.jpg

    Picture 37.jpg

    Picture 36.jpg

    Picture 35.jpg

    Picture 18.jpg
  7. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    A couple of more parts and this will be a done deal. Picture 41.jpg

    Picture 43.jpg

    Picture 44.jpg I see a couple of misstakes.now i know what to look for the next time I build this one.
  8. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Well done, Its a great kit isnt it?

    John John
  9. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    Picture 69.jpg

    Picture 70.jpg

    Picture 71.jpg All most done
  10. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member

    Beautiful job, PaperAir.
  11. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    Thank you after this one I want to do the 1/4 scaled mercury in silver paper.If I can find silver paper.
  12. james lea

    james lea New Member

    A splendid model indeed and you made a very VERY good job :thumb:

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