f/s hpi nitro rs4 2 with extras

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    sold...hi guys iv got a pretty good deal goin for an hpi nitro rs4 2 with a bunch of extras. all it needs is a little tlc. i bought it a while back but just hadnt had the time to get it ready and now iv moved on to planes and have no use for it any more. so i figured id bring it here to one of you guys. so heres the deal on it from what i see. the engine is i beleive the bigger hpi racing engine i did get it to run but it needs tuning in to run rite it also needs a front shock i dont know where it went but it dose come with an extra front shock rod. and someone put off road tires on it but it is a street race car its belt driven all wheel drive it has a 3 chnnl receiver installed and a throttle/brake servo installed the steering servo is not installed but it does come with a hitec super torque hs-605bb servo i have no idea if it works i never installed it. it also comes with extra glow plugs two new in packs and one single and extra fuel tubing and a glow ignighter and air filter oil for the moter saver air filter. it also comes with some racing shock oil. one 35 wt one 40 wt and one 50 wt and it also comes with some ofna differential oil one 7000 wt one 500 wt and one 1000 wt. well thats about all i can think of rite now. you will get everything in the pictures for $70.00 shipped to your door. or i may take trade offers just let me know what you got thanks guys. ps and remember my feedback speaks for its self here and on all the other rc forums also as nitrodude71... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    bump it up check it out

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