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    :eek: I Thought I would get you all going again on traction.

    When we are at the model railway shows the most frequntly ask question is................. Can you guess??????

    Does it run off the overhead??? Well of course it does we would not have it any other way.

    That means ALL the wheels ground out on the track and the overhead supplies the power. Well that also means we have great running abilities.
    What about continuity??????
    We can loop the track back on to itself with NO shorts!!!!
    To Park up a unit we simply have a small block on the overhead
    and wire a supply switch up to activate it...
    Most railways need 4ft to turn the track around with Traction all it takes is minimum 22inches.
    Hope this helps you to look a little closer at TRACTION.

    ;) ;) ;) :p
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    Here is a shot of a scatched built Box motor like the L&PS use to run.

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