F-84F Thunderstreak Design and Build

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by exzealot, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    Here's the latest - the tail section.

    This model will have open speed brakes. Here, you can see how the inner panels are fitted inside the open shell. One side is easy since you can poke your finger through one side, but the second side is a bit more challenging. I believe it is possible to glue the inner panels to the inside of the skins and then glue the skin to the formers, but for some reason I did this against intuition. The last picture illustrates the size of this model - the fuselage is roughly 14 inches long!

    Now, it's on to the wings! :thumb:


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  2. glidingbob

    glidingbob New Member

    Hello Ken

    I fell on this forum while searching info about the Thunderstreak wich is my favorite aircraft. I'm not a paper modeller but a plasticmodeller .I 'm very impressed by the F-84F of Ken.
    I paln for months to make a 1/32 F-84F. Can you tell me if this one will be available or can be bought?

    Regards from Belgium

  3. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Impressive work so far. Your design skills are really something to marvel at....
  4. morewings

    morewings New Member

    outstanding work and thieves!

    Dear Ken,

    I'am one of those who bought your fantastic X-15 model
    and I hope you will finish also this wonderful "Thunderstreak".

    It seems to be that you are gutted about these thieves, members of cardmodels.net/zealot, who gave your work to this warez site without appreciating your extensive work.

    I'am also a victim of these thieves. I sold a special version of my sojus FG rocket 3 times to members of cardmodels.net/zealot to find it later on the warez site. Go to hell Mao Zedong.

    But please finish the "F-84F Thunderstreak" model, an outstanding work.


    Here is my new project, scale 1-100:

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  5. morewings

    morewings New Member

    The plane is in development. The photo shows the second build of it.
    When it is ready I tell you in a new thread.

  6. Hello Ken, another masterpiece is born:thumb:

    Back in "the old days" I used hairspray to protect my builds and drawings :mrgreen: It worked fine, but the model will smell a bit funny for a while:twisted:
  7. mor54

    mor54 Member

    Hello Ken,

    I enjoy very much the building process and the design, both of them are great !!

    A week ago I have bought your X-15 model, and it is high on my to-do list.

    Have two questions - will it be possible to buy the two f-84 models (f & g), and are you considering to design also the RF-84F ?

    Thanks again,

    Shalom Mor
  8. There is an excelent RF-84F in Dutch! colours from Hobby Model
  9. mor54

    mor54 Member

    Hello Billy,

    Thanks for the hint. Did a shearch at GPM and found one at a better price.

    Heard that GPM are reliable.


    Shalom Mor
  10. Hey Ken,
    Maybe this could be your next project :mrgreen:

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