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    F-25 Shrike

    This isn't exactly about a design for a cardmodel I'm doing or anything, I just figured it was the best place for this thread.

    Anyway, I've always been very interested in aircraft, when I was 7 I asked for a giant encyclopedia on military aircraft for Christmas. I've always sketched my own designs occasionally, and tried to think up what a good fighter might look like.

    I'm also a big fan of Ojimak's models. The textures are generally very detailed, and the models are simple to build, and look great (though I typically modify them all slightly, bending instead of folding, and inserting my own cockpit interior and clear canopy), and of course they all glide very well.

    After awhile of sketching in boredom, I drew a design I liked a lot. So last night I finally resolved to actually build a model of it. I didn't actually create any really new model parts, I mostly used pieces from Ojimak's kits, with slight (mostly cosmetic) modification in Photoshop.

    So, the idea behind my model was to incorporate some of the most useful advances in fighter design; a tandem tri-wing design, for manuevering; swing-wings capable of sweeping-forward, for manuevers at higher speeds, as well as stability at lower speeds; vectored thrust, once again for increased manueverability, as well as a potential VTOL system simlar to the F-35's (not implemented yet); and finally, aspects intended for a decreased radar signature (though the model doesn't carry them out as well as I'd like).

    I'm no aeronautic engineer, so I have no idea if the design would ever actually fly, in fact, I'm pretty sure at least some of my design wouldn't work with other parts, but hey, this is a fantasy fighter, who really cares if it would actually work? :p

    Since Ojimak sepcifically asks that his models not be tampered with and redistributed, I don't think it would be wise of me to post the modified parts I used for this model. Even if I did, some areas would be a mystery to would-be modellers, as I made modifications outside of the computer (like the gear system for the swing-wing).

    However, I CAN tell you (just in case some of you are interested in reproducing this model on your own) which parts from which models I used:

    Su-35: Forward fuselage, Top of main fuselage, bottom spine, horizontal stabilizers
    F-14: Wings, Lower fins (on engines), Canopy
    F/A-18F: Intakes, Vertical stabilizers
    F-22: Exaust nozzels
    F-15: Tail Booms

    I'm sure you're sick of reading my banter by now, so I'll commence with the images:

    Oh, yes, I know the build is rather sloppy. I sort of build all of my models sloppily....too excited to finish them I guess.

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    More images:

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  3. Paragon

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    Last four, showing the swing-wing:

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  4. yaniv

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    this is realy nice model i must say :)
  5. Lex

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    Oh wow, very very nice-looking!!! --I might one day do a detailed design for it ^^
  6. Paragon

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    Really? That would be quite interesting indeed.

    Right now I'm considering making completely re-designed parts for it, that include no pixels from Ojimak's models, and make the texture a bit more "stealth", with fewer lines, and less right-angles. The trickiest part will be the gears for the wings, the axels in particular, but if I can do that, I might just be able to release it for anyone interested.

    Since this build was essentially a proof-of-concept, the actual construction isn't as clean as it could be. If I redesigned the parts, I could significantly reduce weight, especially around the wings, and it would probably glide pretty well when thrown.

    Lex: I would be thrilled if you decided to do that. I'll try to make the "kit" quickly, so you have a better resource to work from than my pictures, if you're really interested.

    One last thing; I don't have a name for it yet. I'm calling it the F-25 for now, but it is traditional for American fighters to receive a name in addition to their model number, Like the F-22 Raptor (or Lightning, depending), or the F/A-18 Hornet. Right now I'm thinking some sort of bird, like Peregrine, though I'm hoping some of you might have some better ideas.

    A little about the design: The F-25 is a two-seat multi-role fighter, built for long-range interception, a limited attack and bombing role, and high-speed high-manueverability dogfighting. It is a larger fighter, roughly the size of the F-14 Tomcat, its closest predecessor. It includes one Vulcan M-61 in the right wing-root, and carries a variety of missiles or small bombs between and beside the engines. Because external missiles decrease its stealth ability, it can also be fitted with radar-absorbant panels that cover the missiles. These panels can be ejected to decrease total weight. The interior of these panels is also non-absorbant, and can serve as missile countermeasures when ejected, creating multiple decoys to confuse radar.

    The engines are designed for reduced heat signature, and employ thrust-vectoring, for higher manueverability.
  7. Cool! Ain't this one of the best things in cardmodeling? Try this with the p-stuff...
    Cheers, Billyaussie
  8. 57townsman

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    Great kitbash, Paragon! She has very pleasing lines and certainly looks flight worthy :mrgreen:

    Here's a thought for weapons stowage. If you create an enclosed bay between the engines you could increase stealthiness while reducing drag. Unless of course you think it would look too bulky. Is this what you had in mind with the ejectable panels?

    Just a thought since you mentioned the unstealthy weapons. She's great just as she is too.:thumb:

  9. Paragon

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    That is sort of what I meant by ejectable panels. As it is, the space between the engines should provide some lift, and I like the way it looks, but the idea is that missiles could be stowed there, and then the "breakaway" panels could stretch between the engines. The panels would probably connect to small motorized hinges, so they could open and close like internal bays, while still being able to eject to produce a radar ghost in a fight without sacrificing anything more than the panels. When I finish the new parts I'll try to include the weapon bay option.

    Also, what do you all think about calling it the "Buzzard"?
  10. Paragon

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  11. sakrison

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    Now that is cool! Nice work, Paragon!
  12. Paragon

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    Ok, the new parts are done, and uploaded! You all can download them if you want, but you might want to wait until I create instructions before trying to build it; the wings are very tricky.

    I'm not sure how good it's going to look, I haven't assembled this new version myself yet, so let me know if its ugly. The shape should be mostly the same, but the texture is somewhat different now, it looks like a stealth fighter more. (I guess.....)

    I'm going to go ahead and build it again with the new parts, both to see what it looks like, and to create the instructions at the same time.

    If anyone wants to try and build it, I'll try to describe a few parts of construction that might be difficult;

    Anything red should be cut out (except on the wing-tips). The red circles on the wings are for the axels. The axels themselves are parts 9 and 10. Assemble each wing first. parts 7 and 8 go on the top and bottom of the gear of one of the wings, to keep them aligned. Once the wings are assembled, cut out the axels (9 and 10), make sure to cut them into strips on the one end with the lines, and roll them to about the same diameter as the holes in the wings. Cut out part 16, cut out the red circles, align its holes with the holes on the wings (after aligning their gears and sliding them together). 16 should be on the tops of the wings (the darker side). Insert the axels so the strips are sticking out of the top. Bend the strips apart and glue them to the top of 16.

    Cut out part 15, cut the holes in it, and fold it over (dark on top, light on bottom). Cap the axels sticking out of the bottom with parts 25 and 26 (there are two of each, for caps, and for the engines, so keep a pair).
  13. Paragon

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    Uploaded another set of parts...I was fantasizing a little...what can I say? You all might find the color scheme amusing. The texture suffered a bit though.
  14. Bowdenja

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    announce1 Not tossing a wet blanket on the fire.................but........... Ojimak is very VERY protective of his models..............some one recieved his wrath for just re-coloring and posting a picture............

    You might be treading on shaky ground if you have not talked with him and got his blessing for making changes to his model AND posting pictures of it............I'm just saying...........

  15. Paragon

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    Hmmm...........well...I tried to make what I thought were enough changes to call it my own, including actually re-drawing the parts. I suppose we'll see.

    I can understand why someone might be a bit angry at a person for modifying a model, because it could mean they were pointing out flaws in the design, which could be sort of insulting.

    Because the F-25 is a kitbash though, I'm hoping he'll be a bit more forgiving if he sees it. I mean, its really a bit complement that I'm using his kits to make mine.....right?
  16. Lex

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    Yea... I did remember a mere re-colouring made him VERY angry (*not saying Ojimak is filthy or whatever). Having reviewed that thread I think yours is indeed a similar situation. Haven't downloaded much of his models so can't tell if he'd call your model "original"...

    --Just to show how serious things got in the past:

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  18. AdamN

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    You can be inspired by Ojimak's style of model, but if you completely redrew, redesigned, recolored, and rescaled a mixture of parts and pieces I think you're in the clear.

    Obviously card model manufacturers are inspired by actual aircraft designs without copyright issues.

    Cool plane and the Blue Angles recolor is a great idea.
  19. dansls1

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    I also think you should be in the clear so long as all the parts you post are drawn and textured by you instead of 'modification' of the original files.
    This is an interesting project. I enjoy reading and seeing your progress ;)
  20. Paragon

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    Alright, I've removed the parts for now, until I can get in touch with Ojimak. Sorry about that. In the meantime, I think Lex is working on a larger, more detailed version of the F-25 Shrike, so hopefully we'll get to see some progress on that. He's designing it from scratch, so we won't have to worry about copyright.

    Update: I sent Ojimak an e-mail to ask permission to post the files. I've also offered to let him host them if he wants to (I certainly have no problem with that, more people would see it). Hopefully we'll get an answer soon.

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