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    I still think the F-22 is the better looking acft. But then you look at the F-117 and relize that looks don't count. I have the YF-22 from Hobby Model and the one from P-model. The p-model is a great build but some what to small for my hands. I still need to try the Hobby Model one again. The fit just was not right when I built it. May be after the the B-52D Arc Light build I might give it another go. Or after I finsh the B-1B. So many Aircraft so Little time.
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    Where to buy?

    Where can I find the Hobby Model model in the U.S.? The two websites that I have done buisness with do not have them available. Found the p-model one, looks great and I would like to purchase it, does anyone know how to navigate around this site?
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    best bet for the hobby model kit is Ebay.

    best site for the westerner to purchase the P-model kits is Joseph Spinali's website, www.e-papermodels.com

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    Use Google.com's language tools to translate the page. There's a section in their mainpage's menu that is labeled how to purchase :D
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    Thank you for that Google tip, worked perfectly, now I just have to convert Yen to Dollars.

    Thanks again
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    best online currency exchange rate site
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    1 Yen is roughly equal to 1 US penny (usually a little less), so just as a quick rule put a decimal 2 spaces from the right of the yen price and you'll have a good rounded up guess at the cost. say 700 yen is roughly $7.00 US dollars.

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    Sorry for the misinformation. I heard that they were going to retire them a while ago, but I guess that fell through.
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    There is a F22 at Fiddlers Green...not exactly what I'd call the BEST looking model, but it is an F22...hope this helps
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    Ordering the pmodel version, looks very nice, over 300 parts, ohh and when I order the F-22, I will also order the A-10 and SR-71, also great looking models. Thank you all, for the help.
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    ...sorry I forgot the much better..

    ...Hobby model 71 the other day....

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