F-22 Raptor help

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by benhpark, Jan 22, 2008.

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    looking good. i like the graphic detail in the bays and gear wells. its really coming along great!
  2. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Ok, guys. The most fun and also the most difficult stage of card-modeling: VACUFORMING!!:cry: I didn't have the proper tool, but I finally done it. The cockpit mold came at a relatively small size, so I thought I could handle this one with a household burner.:confused: (Technically, this process would not be called vacuforming. Instead it would be called... burner-forming...?)

    It was an excruciating business, though, with my hands burnt to 1st degree where I had to undertake trial and error process. The first 9 were garbage, and the 10th one was a complete success!:eek:

    I really enjoyed doing this although I got my hands burnt. It was an interesting experience, because this was the first time to "vacuform" and shape a transparent plastic canopy. I believe the same would go for the Eurofighter, Su-35, X-32 and F-35 JSF, which are included in my to-do list.:)

    Well, my sister happened to take away the mold for this, because I kinda stole her clay in order to make a clean canopy mold. Anyways (^w^) ;)

    Finally, great thanks to cgutzmer, for helping me out about vacuforming for my previous post! :thumb:

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  3. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    By the way, this thread should be F-22 Review, instead of F-22 help, because I'm actually, like, writing a review. Ok. "Review" then.
  4. Nothing

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    im going to try this as well. great job. could you tell me more about the F-35 ? i have not seen this one either.
  5. exzealot

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    I've never tried a P-Model, but your build is convincing me to try one. Nice job so far.

  6. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Well, my F-35 project have stayed long before this one(PModel F-22). However, I found out that F-22 is supposed to be the first of US stealth aircraft, so I left that other one alone for now. The F-35 is gonna start right after this one.(and also parallel to Eurofighter)

    By the way, are you a fan of US contemporary aircraft, nothing? You seem to be interested in these.

    I'm thinking abot kitpashing landing gears from F-22, a cockpit of my own design, and F-35 from mamecraft. By the way, some of you think that mamecraft site is down, but it is still there on the net--> MAME CRAFT - PAPER CRAFT

    Well, see ya guys until the next progress report!:mrgreen:
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    i have that f-35. i thought there might be another. mamecrafts is a very loose interpretation of the actual f-35 . thats why i never built it. looking forward to more on the f-22.
  8. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Well there are only two manufacturers for my candidates of F-35 Lightning II, and I am still going with mamecraft. It seems to me that, you were dissatisfied with the model because, actually many mamecraft models really depend on how you bend and make the shape with the pieces. I know that the details of mamecraft's F-35 are terrible, but Ojimak's "limited edition" F-35 which was another candidate for my next project, is a real bummer...(but not intending to hurt Ojimak's feelings of course) The shapes are way out, and he worked on F-35C kinda resembling F-35B, which I am not intending to model for.

    Again, I am still satisfied with the model, cause it is a complete interpretation of F-35 to me.:thumb:(for now) Or maybe I'm not a perfectionist :confused: who wants identical replica of the real F-35. The main reason the F-35 paper model is not here is because the airplane is completely new. I believe it was introduced around 2005 and it had entered production this year. I bet some designers are already working on it ^^
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    Any progress benhpark? no rush just checking.
  10. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Ahh. Thank you for reminding.

    Sadly:cry:I couldn't make any quick progress from now on... Now I have to concentrate on my schoolwork(remember that I'm a high school junior) and I couldn't ignite my project as fast as previous posts. Guess the only time block available is my art class...

    Be patient guys... I'll be back modeling--just in a lower speed, that's all
  11. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Well, I do apologize for the holdup:wave:

    As a "present" for you guys, I'll send you the decoration for F-22 PModel on word if you'd like-- just send me an email--> benhpark@gmail.com

    You can modify the colors and the font to make it even more into a creative decoration.
    The fonts that I have used are AmarilloUSAF and Sui Generis. You can find them here-- Search Free Fonts - over 13,000 free fonts available for download

  12. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    AY-Ay-ay-ay-ay! Progress Report!!

    It's been awhile since my project was nearly truncated. whew!:rolleyes:

    Time for pics!

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    this is really looking good! do you have any other pmodels? i got the f106 but the interior colors are neon green, instead of the interior green its supposed to be. i was wondering how their kits are overall.

    keep trucking, i really whant to see the finished plane!!
  14. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    I basically got all PModel kits except the "old planes" in 1970's. But I do have Harrier.

    Well, overall, the fit of PModels surpass Fly Model. Some model manufacturers that have excellent fits are Halinski and.. yeah.

    Most PModels lack cockpits. This is probably one of the few that has a cockpit.
  15. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler


    announce1Gotta finish up this baby by April 1st...Fools Day!:twisted:

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  16. Nothing

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    great! im looking forward to seeing the finished plane!!
  17. ecleo

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    hi! im ecleo can you send in my email address the instruction of F-rr PModel? plzzz.
  18. ecleo

    ecleo New Member

    F-22 PModel
  19. lriera

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    This one is not the type of airplane that like me more, but your build is making me change opinion. I will follow your thread with great interest.
  20. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Sorry, everyone. Looks like this model is rather being quarter swing -v-
    I do this work parallel to school work and I have to get my GPA soaring = =

    orz I also tried to get this piece in to my art show but I failed to do so.

    And another disappointment from me art teacher T . T

    Well, it's 75% done. Yay Benjamin!!!!!11111111

    It's a weird phenomenon of congratulating meself heh

    I couldn't send you the instructions since, the designer's work is protected by law(copyright) and that means it would be illegal to redistribute without consent of the author. I really do apologize.
    But I could make up my own English version of the instructions but it would be time-consuming as well. Hmm. But I am also a fluent speaker of Japanese, and I could help you with garbled text, weird symbols and Chinese characters, and out of all, the dam:curse: convoluted pieces and assembly procedures

    I really hope you enjoy my modeling progress. And I'd really have to apologize for the late progress and late reply. Nowadays I do not remain punctual and aware of replies from Zealot. :confused:

    And I promise you, this is gonna be a sick-looking plane.

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