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  1. Cobra's, Blackhawks, Kiowa's, and Apache's Oh MY!!!

    I use to work on helos in the military before I retired. I share that passion, my love lay with AH-1 Cobra's ( Up Gun Cobra-ECAS ).I found the Bell 222 on a japanese site a couple of years back. It was free, PM me later for info on the file. Looking for the site tonite.

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    Link for model

    That's the 222 from here:

  3. Zathros

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    Thanks Steve!! :)
  4. DarioCervantes

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  5. I may rebuild this one and convert it into a Red Wolf from the TV series Air Wolf. I always wanted on of those.
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    That would be really nice to see! make sure you post some pics, build pics too, for reference. :)
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    Nice work

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