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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by wyverns4, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. wyverns4

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    I am looking for a 1/33 Thud. Is anyone familiar with the FlyModel kit of the F-105? It seems to me that years ago, probably close to 20, I had a kit of the Thud that was in book form printed in sliver to replicate a NMF Thud. Anyone know if my memory is correct? What about availablity of a current production kit?


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Wyverns4,

    This is truly wierd. I am laid up off work with a few messed up disk in my neck, unable to do alot of cutting. So, Currently I am building plastic model kits to spend my time .
    I just got a 1:48 scale F 105F/G Thunderchief made by Revell that I am constructing.
    Whats so strange about this is that I was looking at a download of a F 105 cardmodel just moments before I came into the forum and saw your post.
    Anyway, I cant help ya with the old model or any "production kit" right now. However, if you would like to download three different color versions of the F 105 THUD, you can find a freebie here :


    Hope this helps, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

  3. wyverns4

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    Thanks, Greg! I also snagged the I-16 Rata, MiG-21 and Me-262 from that site.

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Trust you will be up and around again soon.

    I am just finishing up the Revell/Monogram Thud myself, the single seat version. I also just picked up the Revell 1/72 kit, which I'm told is a pantograph reduction of the 1/48 kit! Sure looks like it, as the parts count and location on the sprues seems almost identical!

    Good luck with your recovery!


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Rick,

    Just wanted to say you are more than welcome, the "THUD" has always been one of my favorites. I had posted that link in another thread I started called "Heavy Haulin Wild Weasel" , But I dont think many ppl saw it, least I never got a reply to that particular thread after the posting of the link.
    Anyway, I just came on to check my mail and look in here. I just took a several "Zombie pills" and I will be retiring for the night.

    Have a good evening ,

    Greg aka GW
  5. Ashrunner

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    GELI produced an F-105 printed on silverish paper in 1:33 scale. I seem to recall it might be one with a strip of star across the tail...not sure on that though.

    Anyway, I believe the model is still available through www.papermodels.net for around $6.

  6. wyverns4

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  7. Artie Bob

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    Perhaps I'm technologically (or otherwise!) challenged, but I cannot find the aircraft models at this site, all I get is a page for a graphics artist and no matter what boxes I try, nothing like a card model aircraft appears. Could someone point me in the correct direction?

    Best regards,

    Artie Bob (Thudless in Tennessee)
  8. Ashrunner

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    If you are referring to the papermodels.net site, the direct link to the F-105 is here:


    Other GELI models can be found at the bottom of this page:


    Ashrunner (I hope this links work)
  9. wyverns4

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    Try this link:


    Once there, click on the center of the screen where the word "Hungary" is.

    Now, on the left should be a series of phrases indicating selections. Click on "Makett Lista". A new page comes up and should have a listing of aircraft names, starting with the I-16 Rata. Thunderchief is the last underlined link in the list. Each link will bring up a .pdf of the plane.

  10. cmdrted

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    There are a few older thud kits out there. The Fly model kit is probably the most detailed of the bunch, In SEA camo colors, fairly/overly complex bulkhead framework structure, decent coloring and printing, and a reasonable cockpit and smalll details. I don't recall the armaments that came with it. The Geli kit was kinda basic but if you have the inginuity you can dress it up somewhat. All these kits were in 1/33 scale. The last is the HobbyModel F-105, Flown by Maj D. Kutyna in SEA. This kit has good coloring and printing, the parts seem to be pre CAD, which causes me to worry, having dealt with HobbyModels F4E and basically given it up. I haven't built any of the 3 but I have and had copies of each. Check ebay/ Josef at Spishop, and papermodels. something in the USA, (sorry I don't have the address with me).

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Rick,

    Thats a really nice looking model, especially one that is "scratchbuilt".
    I know that the Thunderbirds flew thunderchiefs (the single seat version) in the early to mid sixties, but did you know that the thud was the largest and heaviest single seat seat fighter ever produced? And that would make it the largest thunderbird ever flown .
    Anyway, thanks for the link to the model, I have already bought paint for camoing mine though, its just a matter of feeling good enough to get er done.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

    ps. Artie, didja finally get to the models? if not, email me at GEEDUBBYA@prodigy.net and I will email them to you.


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