EZ Track, yes or no?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by cmhockman78, Dec 5, 2006.

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    You will have a lot of frustration later wiht EZ-Track. Although it may be slightly faster now, it will take a lot of time to troubleshoot later, and layout flextrack and cork is not hard, and does not take too long. Unitrack is the best of the snap together types of roadbed, but it is still not nearly as reliable and cost-effective as cork roadbed and flex track. You will also have more power loss with EZ-Track, as it uses rail joiners. these are unreliable, and with flextrack you can solder or drop feeders. If there is too little amperage capacity, a short may not be recognized by your booster, and you may have a nasty meltdown!
  2. I had a similar system of E-Z track for my O scale layout and it worked out fine. I even eventually ballasted the track and it was pretty hard to tell that it wasn't a molded roadbed..

    Also... i dont know if this helps or is completely useless... but it is possible to remove the bachman track from its road bed :rolleyes: I just took a pocketknife and wedged the blade underneath of it to pull up the track. If the rails come off they can easily be pressed back into place. I HIGHLY DONT recomend this.. i just had bought a cheap set and it included it so i took some off for my mine scene :D

    Hope this helps!
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    I just started with HO E-Z track, and I am having constant derailments at the turnouts as well. It is a temporary layout just to get started and will go permanent within the next year.
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    You could use the two if you elevate the atlas at the joint and make a steady downslope. That is what I do with my hornby and ez track to use my hornby turntable because I don't have a permanent layout yet. (Reason for that is grandparents just moved to Florida and we got their stuff going through the decades back to the 1840s.) And I have no problem with their turnouts. The wiring just gets a bit cluttered if you have too much plugged in.sign1
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    Here's my novice two cents worth.

    I have both standard track and ez track. I am using the standard and flex track for my permanent layout. I am keeping the ez track so my son can build his own when he gets bored with something slow we are doing on the permanent model. I tried it and easily matched the ez track with the other but really, I prefer to stick with one main method. My son runs his trains while I am doing other stuff... using the ez track. Of course I am talking about constructing a layout witha 4 year old, so my needs may be very different than others.
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    I have lots of problems with my EZ Track from bachmann - the ends have worn out randomly and there is a diference in height between each piece .. also power connection is really bad it seems .. I should just go sell it all and trade it for as much Atlas track as I can get :p
  7. CNWman

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    My entire layout is made up of mostly EZ-track, but I'm inserting atlas track w/roadbed for my buildings that can have track going through them. I'm going to keep the EZ track but I plan on having the rest of my track (if I ever expand) atlas cost wise and performance wise.
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    Omber: If you take your track apart and reassemble it a lot, you will have the problem that you describe. Have you tried replacing the rail joiners?
  9. Omber

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    Yes I do but the joiners are fine .. the actual rail ends are worned out at the ends as if someone stepped on them or took a dremel to them ..
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    atlas fleax and fixed track is what i use andbeen using it for 20 someodd years maybe some day I get it all complete but not as cheap as it use to be if like here are some photos railfan0629 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting feel free to leave me comment

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