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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by gcodori, Aug 15, 2006.

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    I do not own a bachmann EZ Command system, but there has been some debate on other forums regarding the I/O port and the compatability with xpressnet. Although built by Lenz and having similar accessories, the port on the back is an 8-pin jack instead of the normal 6 pin jack.

    Xpressnet uses a 6 pin jack (like digitrax) but only 4 are actually used - two transmit data, 2 carry the voltage, and two are not used. Has anyone tried to figure out which pins of the jack are used on the bachmann unit? I would think it would be an easy task to measure the pins for the +12v/-12v supplied for xpressnet. I'm guessing two transmit data, two supply voltage and 4 pins (most likely pins 1-2 and 7-8) are unused.

    Now I know the EZ Command is not a full featured unit (no advanced programming), but it is a good little starter, and if an adapter can be created (8 pin to 6 pin), Lenz boosters and throttles can be added later.

    Anyone willing to figure this out? Bachmann of course is quite on this subject when asked directly.
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    To add to the above post, if someone has access to the extension plates Bachmann sells (for adding ports to layout fronts, etc), they could examine the connections to see how they are wired (I don't know if bachmann would wire up all 8 pins if not all were used).

    Also, there is a free program called showdcc which allows you to scan data from any dcc system (via a laptop mic input), which would be useful for finding the data pins of the port.

    As I mentioned earlier, I do not own one of these, which is why I'm not checking this idea myself.

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