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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by doctorwayne, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. lester perry

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    Very Impressive
  2. Woodie

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    Looking good, Doc. :thumb: Do you do house calls visiting sick layouts? :thumb: :D
  3. doctorwayne

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    Once again, thanks to all for the appreciative reception.
    Ding, I give a brief explanation on the water scenes in a thread titled "Finally, the pictures at 11:00", or quick, Noah, get the boat... It's found here in the Photography Section.
    Woodie, there are lots of sick areas on my layout, I just cut them out before I post anything here. Actually, there are a lot of areas that need to be finished a bit more completely. Until that time, the camera angles available are limited. Of the towns modelled so far on the layout, South Cayuga is the farthest from being "finished". You might also have noticed a reference to the bridge over the Speed River, but there was no picture. While the bridge has been there for quite some time, the scenery is bare plaster, and in contours very different from what I hope the finished scene will look like. My only progress there has been to paint it brown. And the second level, for which the benchwork was supposed to have gone in this past Fall, exists still only on paper, so there's still lots of surgery (or butchery) to do here.

  4. Gary Pfeil

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    Beautiful modeling, photography and story telling Wayne. I only now was able to take the tiem to read and look thru all the photos. I had glanced over them earlier, but did not have the time to give them the attention they deserved till now. Boy, the scene with the bit of bay with small whitecaps looks awesome, and in only a couple inches. And it showed me that I ought to stop procrastinating about how to extend planned water features of my own onto the backdrop, you didn't and... yours is done! Mine remains a thought. I'd like to comment on a couple pieces of rolling stock I particularly like, the paint scheme on your caboose, reminescent of Nicle Plate I guess, looks great. You have a shot with the interior of a gondola with some scrap in it, did you scribe the interior plank lines? What model is that? Your pole load and idler car also catches the eye. All very nice stuff. Thanks!
  5. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Thanks, Gary. You're correct about the Nickel Plate being the inspiration for the caboose paint scheme. I hope to eventually scratchbuild a half-dozen or so wood cupola cabooses, as I think they might better suit the '30s era of the layout. The pole load, which is removeable, is from an article in the Feb. 1992 issue of Mainline Modeler, and the composite gondola is a kit by Intermountain. The floor and sides are laser scribed wood sheets, with bolt impressions and the drop-doors represented on the floor.
    As for the water scene, I'd considered "coving" the back corner and taking it up the wall an inch or so, but I decided that it would be difficult to get it to look right because the light would strike it at a different angle, thus throwing off both the colour and the reflective properties. I may still try to depict a spit of land, right at the horizon, on the left side of the backdrop. My idea is to try it first with the landform painted on a piece of paper, cut out, and then stuck to the wall. As the scene stands now, the light blue of the sky at the horizon has been carried out into the "water" about an inch from the wall. This helps to blur the transition from water to sky.

  6. wickman

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    very cool indeed you don't happen to have your plan posted in here somewhere so I can get an idea of where I'm at as I follow the picsand maybe get an idea of how switching is suppose to look?
  7. doctorwayne

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    Sorry, no track plan available. Just posting pictures taxes my computer skills to their limit. The layout is an around the room design, operating as a point-to-point line. There is a diverging main line at South Cayuga that leads up a very long grade to an as-yet unbuilt second level. When this section is completed, the layout will be a wye-shaped mainline, with the tail of the "Y" represented by the area shown in the last pictures in the post. The grade to the second level runs uphill in the opposite direction to that in which the featured train is heading.

  8. wickman

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    No track plan hmm what did you do just kinda wing it and start laying track I've seen a fgew like that and they were actually quite happy with results :) Well I'm going to dig up somemore of your pics they were very intriging .
  9. Clerk

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    :wave: :wave: I just thought of something Doc. When I was a telegrapher clerk at Gerber Ca. which was a small switching yard. About this time the dispatcher would call and ask if I could get a last minutes change in the orders to the train crew. More than once I had to run across the tracks and hand up orders to the engineer and the conductor as the caboose went by. This made them very unhappy with the dispatcher and me.:thumb: :thumb: sign1 sign1 sign1
  10. UP SD40-2

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    :thumb: doctorwayne, i echo ALL the GREAT comments the others have posted on this AWESOME thread!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :D YOUR LAYOUT by far gives me the MOST inspirational drive to try and do my best. to sum up my thoughts, YOUR LAYOUT TOTALLY RULES!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: THANK YOU, for posting this TRULY AWESOME THREAD!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  11. galt904

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    Excellent photos! :)

    I'm curious about the "Way of the Warriors" logo on EGE boxcar #7880. What does that represent?
  12. cn nutbar

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    hi doc---your posts are like favourite books you can read over and over and never get tired of looking at---keep them coming
  13. doctorwayne

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    The slogan on the boxcars and reefers is a nod to the history of the area in which the railroad is set, the Grand River Valley of southern Ontario. As I'm sure everyone around this area knows by now, the British Crown, back in 1784, deeded to the Five (later Six) Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, the original inhabitants of the area, by treaty, a strip of land extending 6 miles on either side of the Grand River, from its mouth at Lake Erie to its source at Lake Bellwood. This was in consideration of military assistance given to the British by the Confederacy during the American War of Independence. The "Warriors" refer to the original warriors of the Five Nations. In addition, the fast and frequent freights operated by the Elora Gorge & Eastern are also called Warriors, as they also follow the way of the original warriors - the Grand River. If you're familiar with my thread in the Scratch' & Bashin' forum, entitled "Kitbashed headend equipment", you'll notice that my rebuilt coaches are named for each of the six Nations of the Confederacy. Finally, the EG&E's 4-8-4s are known as the Warrior Class.
    So, galt904, while I hope I haven't made you sorry that you asked, I am extremely pleased that you did.

  14. galt904

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    I'm not sorry I asked. I was guessing it had something to do with the First Nations and the Grand River. Keep up the fine modelling! :)
  15. TruckLover

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    As always great pictures doc.

    Those pipe load and lumber loads are pretty cool.

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